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1 month length check comparison! 2/12 month growth comparison- Finally able to do a ponytail :)

Too much has happened in my life after my last blog post------ As far as my hair goes, all I can say is I am very pleased and content with how my hair has taken off. I do not do much to my hair. I try to stay out of my hair as much as possible. I literally touch my hair when it is wash day- and on that very day I style my hair and leave it alone for another week or so :)

Here is my one month and some days hair length comparison:

Allow me to also squeeze in my 2 1/2 month hair growth comparison :)

I'm really loving it! I make sure to care for my natural hair- it is one of my top priorities in life......... I am too happy to be able to be my own beautician without having to place my hair into anyone elses hands or care. I think I'm doing an awesome job and will continue to do so with the help of my number one, GOD! He amazes me everyday! Without him none of this could ever be possible....... HHJ to all- lets continue to grow together :)

PS: I'm also able to do a ponytail- it…