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My Final results with the Master cleanse Diet (Video)

Feeling great and keeping my weight off still. My vegetarian lifestyle is going pretty good, nothing like feeling healthy. Most people think that just because they are slim they are healthy. I want to let you know that this is NOT true. Weight does not determine your health!!!!!!! You have to be eating healthy, getting rid of processed foods and taking multi-vitamins  to make up for what may be missing in foods. Cleansing your body with a cleansing system (not necessarily the Master Cleanse) also does much wonders to the body. Working out also helps a lot, so lets stop being couch potatoes and lets learn how to be a bit more active.

Here is my final results with the Master Cleanse diet:

My perfect protective hairstyle!

This is the perfect protective style for my transitioning hair. I originally cornrowed my hair to do a simple braid out. For some reason a decided to cornrow the front in style just in case a came up with some kind of protective style that did not particularly have to involve a full braid out.

The very first day I did my braid out but left the front undone. Due to the extreme humidity my braid out simply lasted one day. The very next day I was not comfortable with rocking my braid out so I wanted to think of a style that can be quick and easy to do without having to co-wash my hair and cornrow all over again. I mean, it was only day 2. After trying a few styles (that I was not satisfied with) I finally found one that was cute and simple and took no longer than 3 minutes to do..........

 I have been rocking this particular style for 4 days now. Talk about low manipulation (Lol) I am sticking to this style because it lasts a pretty decent amount of time. Tomorrow is one of my wash days, …

My 6 months transitioning hair

I am too excited! I am really enjoying this journey- Have learned so much from the time my hair fell out till now. Never had I imagined that I would ever want to transition my hair back to its natural state. As much as my big sister used to harass me about going natural, I never felt ready then. I was so stuck on relaxing my hair and maintaining a straight look.

Today is a totally different story! I am almost, if not, obsessed with my natural texture and curl pattern. I just cant wait to get rid of my relaxed ends. I shocked myself when I did my mini chop because I was always stuck on length and wanting to always achieve more length- But life, as it proves, has many surprises in store for us. Lets make sure we never say never cause we really never know. I really enjoy my cut and the fact that I can still do braid outs, twist outs and pin curls on my short hair makes me all the more excited.

Every time I wash my hair I always stare at the scissors! Wanting to just rid off all my rela…

Master Cleanse Diet Challenge (Completed)

What can I say?

I'm am very proud of myself and will continue to keep pushing and making sure that I keep making the right decisions in life. While this cleanse was intense I was able to complete it and get the results that I knew I would get.

I feel great in my new body-

The best part of it all is actually getting back to fitting into my old clothes. My goal was not to be "super model thin"- I just needed to shed the pounds that I had gained throughout the months due to my poor choice of diet and really bad eating habits!!

Right now I am very food conscious. I pay much attention to ingredients and calories just to make sure I keep myself on track. It would be a complete fail if after having shed the pounds I gain it all back, so I'm making sure that although I am no longer on the cleanse I am still aware of what I choose to put in my body. I have incorporated a workout routine that lasts from 30 min to an hour. And believe me, I feel great!!!!

I want to thank everyo…

Master cleanse diet update (video)


Master Cleansing Diet- Day 2 of 14

Good results!! 4 lbs lighter baby!! Leggoooo!!!!!! :-) I'm not giving up! I have never known myself to be a quitter!! #winning!!

I seriously need to take pics/of me on the scale cause I know how some people are they don't believe it until they see it with their very own eyes!!!

So I will begin that documentation starting today :)

Thanking my husband, family, and friends for supporting me! LIKE ALWAYS!!

Im so Charlie Sheen right NOW!!!! #WINNING!!!



Master cleansing diet!!!

I will start the master cleansing diet this coming Monday!!!
I have done this diet before (about 3 years ago) and the results were more than marvelous!!!

I will also be going back to being a vegetarian! As good as meat can taste, I have a little secret, I'm a bit disgusted by it. So after doing the master cleansing diet I will eliminate all meat (cold turkey like I have done in the past).

I'm so excited and happy that my sister is also going to be doing the diet with me!!!
I will document it all on my YouTube channel and here on my blog so you all can get a feel on the ups and downs!!!!

2 weeks with NO FOOD O_0