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17 weeks hair growth difference :)


Hairfinity Giveaway!!!


Hairfinity Giveaway- Stay tuned!

Rocking my half ponytail! Those that did their big chop can understand when I say that it is a big accomplishment when you are able to do "The Ponytail"- Stay tuned for my hairfinity giveaway video this evening to learn how you can enter to win a chance at winning these hair growth supplements that has helped me while I was relaxed, when I began my transition, and now that I am all natural! Good Luck :)

My 7 months hair growth progress report! From my TWA to NOW! (PIC)

Hair grows! All one has to do is care for it, nourish it and be extra careful when handling it! I am loving every stage of my natural hair! I still remember how excited and happy I was the day of my BIG CHOP! I would not change my decision for anything in the world! I have become way more creative in doing hairstyles with my natural hair than when I was relaxed. My go to style are wash and go's! Its so easy to just wake up in the morning, remove your satin bonnet, spritz your hair with water, shake and go about your day! I also enjoy rocking my two strand twists and twist outs!
I am very pleased with my hair growth progress in only 7 months! Its been an amazing journey- Cant wait to see me next year! :)

Peace & God Bless!

My Wash ang Go Routine and Results with Eco Styler Gel and Coconut Oil

What the Videos below to see how I achieved this Wash and Go using Eco styler Gel and Coconut oil! <p><br></p>