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Im Loving my twist Out!

Done with Eco Styler gel pink and Castor Oil (since I am still on a Castor Oil challenge)- I love the results!

Twisted Sista!
Next day results (Twist Out)

My Twist Out in the sun!

 Day 2 Twist Out

Hair Length Goal!!

2 years post relaxer- 1 year and 5 month Natural (above pic) My ultimate goal is waist length where my hair (stretched) can cover up my tattoo. Unsure how long it will take but I am very patient with my hair..... Current length stretched is BSL. 

Roller Set On My Natural Hair

Who says you need to blow dry and flat iron your hair to stretch it out and see length? I say you don't! I simply did a simple roller set and took them down. I love how my hair feels when I roller set. I can feel the volume and thickness of my natural hair without having to straighten it all the way. Roller sets are a good way to see some length, but unfortunately for those that want to rid of shrinkage altogether, this method will not determine our hair's full length but it is, however, a good alterative to straight styles.......