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My fake Blowout! (NO Heat)

Currently 8 months and 2 1/2 weeks post relaxer! I'm loving this fake blowout.... Its wonderful how I have been able to dodge my blow dryer and flat iron! Haven't even looked at those tools in over 8 months. Is it safe for me to say that I don't miss those hot tools? Well, I DON'T MISS THEM.

Here is how I achieved this simple look without the usage of a blow dryer- its so simple, its criminal. Here it goes:

Yesterday I co-washed my hair in two sections-after having co-washed my hair I proceeded to air dry my hair (scarf method) while it was still sectioned into two and braided up. I had my scarf on until this AM, before I decided to moisturize my hair with Motions hair lotion. After undoing my braids I proceeded to moisturize my hair and brush it with what appears to be a Denman brush (which is not, I bought one just like it at the 99 cents store and believe me it works the best in my hair). With the first stroke of the "Denman" brush I saw how it looked like…

8 1/2 months post (Let me just say.......)

So many people have been telling me to cut my relaxed ends already. Always asking me, "why are you holding on to those straight ends?" or "your natural texture is so beautiful, why don't you just go ahead and be natural already?" My response? "dammit! I'm not ready yet" and with great reasons too.

Okay, let me break it down for some of "y'all". What may appear to be "omg long length" truly isn't!  The main reason why my natural hair looks a bit longer than what it really is- its only because I still have relaxed ends hanging on to it so its weighing my hair down a bit. Lets just say I decide to BC now at 8 1/2 months post, guess what? I'm gonna have a straight up TWA! Trust me! Once I clip off my relaxed ends the following will happen--- my natural hair (since it is curly) will curl up and after it dries up it will cause major shrinkage....which will leave me at a very uncomfortable length for me or at least at a le…

8 months post (VIDEO)


8 Months post (CHECK)

So proud of myself for even making it this long! Every month to me is an achievement- Who would have thought that the girl that could not go beyond 8 weeks to relax is now 8 months post relaxer. Amazing what one can do when they set their mind on something! Im loving every single moment of it!!! I must confess, I have an obsession with wash days- I get to see all my new growth--- Love when I brush my hair and I see all those waves--

This hair journey is seriously worse than crack- Im so addicted. I was looking back at a few pictures of when I was relaxing my hair, and while my hair was never damaged or unhealthy- the things that I used to do to that hair makes me go "EEEKKKK". 

Just to think that now I am always looking forward to wash days when before I used to hate having to wash my hair is a complete turn around. I also suffered from yucky dandruff! No matter what treatments I used to put in my hair, did not matter if I had finished washing my hair, the dandruff was alway…

That mid section is the "DEVIL"

While my transition is going better than I would have ever expected, it just seems that my mid section is just being super rebelious! Its so hard to manage- I moisturize it, I seal it with my favorite oils, I baby this section like no other but it still does what it wants to do when it wants to!! I have noticed that my texture in that section is nothing like the rest of my hair! Its more coarse, tight, and tends to dry up very quickly!!! ---

Today I "think" that I came up with a solution :) Being that the mid section is often hidden within our hair styles, buns in my case, its harder to get to and maintain. I have decided to section my hair off in two and keep it this way for styling! Its much easier for me to get to and see and feel when it needs extra moisture. I may be protecting my hair in a wig because, ofcourse I refuse to step out my house with my hair looking this way-----

I will give an update on whether this has helped me in the long run or should I just give in…

I have been nominated for a music award

The Upper State Independent Music Award has nominated me for R&B Female Category. To help us win the award all you need to do is visit : Http:// and cast in your vote for artist ALMA V. You only need to do this one time. We won the award back in 2008- and this was only possible because we got a lot of support from people who voted for me and my team.

Hopefully we can take the award home once again.

Would appreciate your support!!!

Deep conditioning before washing or co-washing hair

I have turned back to doing this- its much more convenient for me. For one, it is almost annoying to hop in the shower twice. When I apply my deep conditioner, I use my pink spritz water bottle to wet my hair over my bathroom sink so I only have to hop in the shower one time to rinse out my DC and co-wash or wash my hair. I used to do this before but I stopped doing it because back then I did not own a spritz water bottle and I use to DC my dry hair which would make me use more deep conditioner than necessary! But I finally figured it out today :)

I am currently 31 weeks post today and super excited! I have become obsessed with snapping pictures of my natural curls/waves. I can see a difference almost every time I wash my hair. I am truly in love with my natural hair, something that for so long I never thought would be possible. See, the impossible is ALWAYS possible. If anyone would have told me two years ago that I would be doing this I would tell them to their face that they are a …

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