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My 3rd roller set on my Natural Hair

First, lets take a look at my previous roller set back in February of this year:

I have come a long way and still have a long way to go! I dont do a lot of roller setting mainly because I have to use a rat tail comb- I dont use any styling tools! I only use them when I do my roller sets which is why I don't do then as frequently!

Im loving the thickness and fullness of my hair, and the bounce is awesome. I set my hair with my gray rollers. After having washed my hair I did my roller set applying my Giovanni's leave in conditioner and coconut oil.

I have reached yet another goal. Last year after my big chop, I remember being extremely anxious to graduate back to roller setting my hair with the gray rollers.... A year later, I have accomplished this short term goal! Im more than excited :)

Also, I am still living heat free, I allowed my hair to completely air dry before taking the rollers down!

*Note: post being updated via my iphone, sorry for any nasty typos ;) *