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I am the greatest (Poetry)

Hey Look at me doing something like a Ninja! But you weren't there, yeah that figures Who, besides me can say That they are proud of all I've accomplished today? There I go again facing myself in the mirror I'm my only friend yeah, that figures
Why if I am doing so well you don't celebrate me? Yet when I'm doing bad you send me to hell? You yell and tell on the things I don't do Lets forget me for a minute and focus on you......
I'm so tired of carrying this burden for you While u never attended I did graduate school But you call ME a fool Yet the finger that u point at me is staring at you Just look at it! pointing at you! YOU are the fool!!!!
Everything I've done seems never enough But one thing I will never do is give up Although situations can sometimes get tough Now you tell me who is weak? Don't you dare utter a word as I speak!!!! I've crossed the line that no one dared cross It's when I found out that I am the boss!
Funny how I believed I needed you! In actuali…

In the mind of a prostitue (poetry)

Off they start as innocent as can be Somewhere down the line they developed curiosity- About sexuality Unaware of the power called VAGINA Lost she became even God couldn't find her She's never been loved That's what she fears And prostitution she claims as a career So the tears flow deeper than the sea She questions every morning Why'd you had to choose me? Even as a child, she recalls No father to take charge So she gave up on her all Cheapened by SEX it became her addiction Satisfied with it's pleasure It became her religion Make up heavier than a clown's She paints a smile on her face Just to hide her frown Black dresses and mini skirts When she hits the corner She seduces Men with her flirt Her soul became lost and tossed..... In the trash! Exposing herself And exploiting herself For a bit of cash Then she hops in a van with a man that chooses to play the game This isn't about love, care. or hate!!!!!!!!!! Pleasing him she lies and calls him "baby" he returns the favor while he…

"Here we go again"

Hubby and I were jamming to this song yesterday!!! Good times :D

Something Special

OCT.25.2010 (what a special day)

A mind of it's own

My body is weird. It does what it does when it wants to do it. Its only day 4 of my diet and exercise and I've lost 5lbs. This may seem a bit absurd to most, I've been reading up on how to properly diet and I've been doing so...... but as I explained before, my body is not in sync with my mental, its very rebellious! As much as Ive tried not to lose weight so quickly, I still do. To be at a healthy weight lost its said to lose 3lbs in two weeks. Unbelievable! And here I am not even a week and I'm already 5lbs under Whoa!

I even rested a day from my daily workout just because I was sore, and still my body chooses to do its own thing. Well, I can say that I have not been eating as heavy as before. Also, I've abstained from drinking alcohol. They never indicate how much calories an alcoholic beverage may obtain, but believe me alcohol and liquor contains a whole lot of unnecessary calories. (TRUTH)

When I diet I like to meditate and write a lot. It keeps me focused on…

I miss my friend Brent

In HS we were so inseparable.

I couldn't believe that finally I found a male best friend and he doesn't try a move on me, nor does he even look at me in that way. Some thought it was so impossible, but he and I proved that it can be done. I think of him as more than a friend, he is the big brother that I never had. Always there for me, would hurt when I hurt. OK he didn't cry when I cried, you know how men are ;-)

I really miss him.....
I miss how silly we would act together
How no one understood our bond.

when he didn't attend school, the teachers were not calling his parents to see what was up with Brent, they asked me! And vise- versa.... boy were we inseparable!

In HS I was not planning to attend my senior trip, but guess who convinced me? yup!
I'm glad I did attend or else I would've regret not going because it was so much fun.
We video taped the whole trip, of course, our idea.

I sang for everyone and we even did a mini horror clip....that shit was dope.

Learn 2 do it all yourself

My look  has ultimately been achieved. Yesterday I dyed my hair jet black and I can say that I am feeling the new look ;-) here is a short video on the new look:

Ive learn to do it all myself

a lil Humor

I'm loosing weight thanks to my workout of one sit-up a day!
I do half a sit up when I get up in the morning and the other half when I lay back down at night!

T-hee ;-)

Change is ALWAYS good!

Since I'm getting back on track with getting back to my ideal weight.....
I also decided to dye my hair black! A change for a change, no? I gotta feel it all around me!
I thank my husband for supporting my every decision, he is never on the opposite team whenever I wanna do something for me. And I am very glad to love myself so much that no one's opinion really comes before what I really think and believe!

Some Women never get to learn who they are because their husbands or  boyfriends do not approve, or maybe a family member or a friend. I can say that has never been my problem. I like to make my own decisions without any one's influence. I give my husband kudos for always sticking to the things that I like ;-)

This will be my first time actually managing my own hair. My mother has been the only one to ever touch my hair, that explains why my hair has never fallen out or broken for that matter. Ive observed her long enough that I can say that I do trust me in being my ver…

Its Never easy.....

Its 9:00 am and I still have not had any breakfast...... Its not that I refuse to eat, it's always a question of "what will I eat today?" I'm telling you its never easy. I come from a Hispanic background, and if you know Latinos like I know them, we love to cook. Big meals, fattening dinners, and desserts that will get you high off the sugar. Oh yeah, we love to share our bad habits with other people. We are always willing and able to feed those that are in our company.
I decided to break this chain. Although I will always share, I will not continue to live the lifestyle that most of us live! It is so easy to get hooked back on to our bad habits.....especially when I can't find what to eat. Every time I go on a diet I check the calories on the label. You would be surprised how you believe something is good and healthy and it really isn't! So, that's where I am at this AM...........
I go in the fridge and cabinets and all I see are things that I know are not …

Fasting/ Dieting

Its day 2 of my diet.....

Yesterday morning God blessed me with another day. So just being the curious individual that I am, I hopped on the scaled to see how much I weigh. I was not at all pleased with the numbers.....couldnt believe it!!

I'm at 1** (you really thought I would tell you ha).... this is the most Ive weighed ever. What did I do? I went cold turkey.....I made sure not to over eat, started exercising, and drank loads of water. I also made sure not to eat late at night, which I used to love to do.
Im very excited about this new way of living, its not only about making sure that I feel good about my image but also health is the main issue that concerns me the most.

Sometimes we dont put the brakes on it until it is waaay too late....
I love me unconditionally, but I had to put the breaks before it got way out of hand.

Although yesterday was the beginning I will keep an update on my progress, eating habbits, and mood swings that I may develop while on my fasting- diet :-)