...It has been a long time PT 2.

Almost 2 years since I blogged. So much has happened ever since, but I decided to keep this blog active and LIVE!!! Still on a hair journey, which has been a very successful journey. Now I am on my Vegan and fitness lifestyle. 

This blog will be of many things dealing with myself. Such as hair, Vegan dishes, Fitness inspiration, Married life, beauty and much MORE. I want to thank those that have been loyal in supporting my achievements in life and that continue to encourage and motivate me. Since my last post here on this blog, I was trying hard to keep track of my weight loss and maintain a fit body. Today, I have achieved my goal and more- and I just want to tell you that you too can live a very successful life. You too, can achieve all of your heart's desires. Stay dedicated, positive, self motivated, and most importantly disciplined

Fitness and healthy Lifestyle Success  Long & healthy Hair Journey

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Its been a long time!

I have not made any updates on this blog for a while now- You may experience a lot of typos, I am using "blogger" app and I am not a fan of proof reading 😒

Today is a new journey....  Trying to get my life in order and maintain it that way-
I am talking about working out! One min I start, the next min I am bored and tired of the routine-- 
Today's breakfast consisted of Hemp Granola with flaxseed- and a mixed berry smoothie with oatmeal in the mix. 
Lunch will be a simple salad with Balsamic  vinaigrette (dressing). In the evening, gym time for an hr. Would like to also dedicate myself to 100 squats daily- 50 in the morning, and 50 before bed.
This will be my starter pic- a little rough but when it comes to working out, there isn't nothing "cute" about it- Lol.
I do NOT do weigh ins or believe in the scale- I just base it all on how I feel in my clothes and how I can visually notice a difference- 
(Day 1)

Hair Update!

Oh My!!

It has been over a year since I have posted on my blog---
So much has happened since then... I am still on my Natural hair journey, constantly caring for my hair :)

As of August 2014, I achieved what used to be my ultimate goal (Waist length). I am very excited about that- However, I have yet to straighten my hair to allow others to see my true length. That can definitely wait because I am still not heat friendly.

As of today I started a 6 months castor oil challenge-I have done these challenges before and got nothing but great results so I am at it once again.

My current goals with my hair is to maintain it's health and allow it to grow as long as possible. Now that my hair is much longer wash days are obviously that- a whole day dedicated to my hair alone. Tangles have gotten much more severe since the hair is at a longer length and the detangling time is up by a good 85% compared to when my hair was shorter. I am still very grateful to have achieved my goals and be able…

My progress so far! 1 year and 7 months comparison (PICS)- Went from barely neck length to a little past BSL :)

Once I made the decision to become very serious in taking good care for my hair, I can say that GOD has truly helped me along the way with his/her blessings! Its amazing what our hair can do when in proper care. My hair journey has been nothing but an excitement to me, I have enjoyed every single stage- from my BIG CHOP to my current length, I never complained. I fell in love with my hair the minute that I did my BC. Lets just take a sneak peak......

Top pic: Late November 2011-bottom Pic: end of June 2013 right pic: my flat ironed hair July 2013--- 

Its been proven that with proper care and techniques we can all grow our hair!!

There are so many factors that played a major part in my hair growth- for 1 I drink a lot water daily! Water has always been my favorite drink, I DO NOT DRINK SODA and hardly ever drink juice unless it is freshly squeezed.... I am extremely gentle with my hair when managing it, washing it, or styling it. I went 2 and a half years without heat in my ha…

Im Loving my twist Out!

Done with Eco Styler gel pink and Castor Oil (since I am still on a Castor Oil challenge)- I love the results!

Twisted Sista!
Next day results (Twist Out)

My Twist Out in the sun!

 Day 2 Twist Out

Hair Length Goal!!

2 years post relaxer- 1 year and 5 month Natural (above pic) My ultimate goal is waist length where my hair (stretched) can cover up my tattoo. Unsure how long it will take but I am very patient with my hair..... Current length stretched is BSL. 

Roller Set On My Natural Hair

Who says you need to blow dry and flat iron your hair to stretch it out and see length? I say you don't! I simply did a simple roller set and took them down. I love how my hair feels when I roller set. I can feel the volume and thickness of my natural hair without having to straighten it all the way. Roller sets are a good way to see some length, but unfortunately for those that want to rid of shrinkage altogether, this method will not determine our hair's full length but it is, however, a good alterative to straight styles.......