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How I count my months!

Usually people count the months by the exact date. For example- My last relaxer was back in March 2, 2011 so if I counted the months every time it hits day two I will be 6 months and 4 weeks post relaxer.

Now according to how I count my months, Im way ahead of myself. I count my months in weeks. Every four weeks is an official month to me. So, my method will have me at 7 months and 2 weeks post. Crazy, no? Hope I did not confuse anyone- but thats how I count my months, weeks- not days.

Best method for washing my transitioning hair!!

After searching and watching a lot of YouTube videos, I came across a method that I have been wanting to try for months now. I finally got to it today. I am so happy and excited because this particular method has helped my hair to not tangle (not even one bit) after washing my hair.

I used to wash my hair regularly (pulled back)- never parted it in sections or anything. This would make the crown of my head get a tad bit tangle. Today I decided to wash my hair in two sections and braided the ends! BEST METHOD EVER! My hair was not tangled one bit! I was so alarmed- Once my hair was fully dry and I combed it to cornrow it and style for braid out- there was absolutely NO HAIR in the comb! NONE! The comb simply glided right through without a problem. I am so very happy to have learned about this method- I mean, I always knew about it, just never really payed any mind to it. I have contemplated on giving it a try before but would always shrug my shoulders at the thought of washing my hair …

My favorite hair products! (VIDEO)


These are all my favorite products- My hair cant do without them. These have been the products that I have been using since my hair journey- and some even before being on a hair journey! These are MY personal likings. I always recommend people to try things out for themselves and see how it will work for them--- Always keep in mind that what may work for someone does not necessarily mean that it will do the same for you. I am very happy to have shared my stash with you all..........Hopefully when I am fully natural my natural hair does not reject any of these products. I highly doubt it since they are doing wonders for my new growth.

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Iphone blogger app!! *Now Available*

Just testing out this app! Hope this app is good so I can post more frequently on this blog!! I think the only problem will be my typos (lol) I hate reviewing what I type when I am on my phone- so if you see typos or any other craziness from now on, IM ON MY PHONE updating my blog! T-hee!

I think its prettty cool so far! Lets see if I will continue to use this :)

-This official Blogger app allows you to upload pics from your photo album or take a picture and upload it directly to the blog!

I think Im gonna like this!


7 months post (texture shots)

Currently 7 months post (transitioning phase). This transition, while I do have my moments of mild frustrations, I am pretty much enjoying and gathering more information along the way.

I have not changed any of my products so my hair care regimen is still the same and very very simple. So many people are anxious to finally see me big chop. I am not focusing on that any longer, I will only focus on maintaining my hair in a healthy state and taking it from there.

Yesterday I received a mail that was not at all flattering to me. Someone one (who is also transitioning) asked me if I was mixed with anything because my hair is "too pretty" for me to be all black. I was not flattered at all, I was more offended than anything else. People need to understand that hair texture does not, I repeat, does not come from race alone. I have seen a lot of Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and other Spanish people with very kinky hair! That itself points out to me that it is NOT a race thing. Then, o…

7 months post!!!! Focused on going All the way!

Cant begin to express how happy I am with this transition. Love how much my hair has grown since I did my mini chop on July 12. I really must thank Hairfinity for a lot of my hair progress. The thickness and gaining length like crazy is amazing to me.

Keep in mind that I snipped here and there a couple of times after I did my mini chop only because I wanted to inspire myself to go for the BC. No luck yet. I must wait it out some more. WOW. I still remember that I could not go beyond 8 weeks without relaxing my hair- to now be at 7 months is so amazing to me. Some of you ladies that are like 10 thousand months post (lil jokie joke) are probably like "7 months? Big deal"- but honestly to me it really is. I am so happy and needed to document it on my blog!!!!

Here I am the day of my mini chop back in July:

Here I am today: 9-14-11 (7months post) I gotta keep this up! I thank anyone that has inspired me on this journey. Mainly my big sister Liz- who has been my main ins…

Alma V FT. Y.A "Mysterious Pressure"

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My big a** bush (Update)

I am no longer in great control of my hair. It wants to do what it wants to do when it wants to. But who ever said transitioning to natural would be a regular walk in the park? If this is your idea of transition, then this may not be for you. One must have a great amount of patience and accept that it is inevitable to experience breakage due to the two textures.

Now that I am approaching month 7, I must say it is the hardest and most challenging but in no way does my mind enter the thought of ever relaxing again. Relaxer days are so over!!!!! My really thin relaxed hair would take me anywhere between 3-5 minutes tops to detangle, Now? 40 minutes easy!!! See why you must practice patience? I have learned that once I achieve my fully natural hair I will no longer just be able to comb and walk right out the door.............. Natural hair requires more time and dedication.

I am enjoying my transition. To be able to finally experience my hair's full potential is what excites me the mos…

My twitter has been hacked!!! EEEKKK (LOL)

So today I find out that my twitter was hacked! It was a hot mess.........lmao

I can honestly say that I don't give a hoot, simply because I do not use any Internet account as my personal diary like most of you do. I don't write anything that I do not want others to know or anything extremely private. Whoever hacked my account will be highly disappointed to see that my twitter is pretty dull and with no real excitement. Hackers actually make me laugh because it shows me how bored another person's life can be that they can spend hours sitting by their computer trying to figure out this whole Internet game and really hack into someone else's account! Is your life that wack? I believe it is...........

FIND A NEW HOBBY. And on that note whoever hacked me can keep my account. I will NOT change my password or any of that silly stuff. I don't give a fuck about twitter nor do I give a fuck about FB or any Internet site. As long as my my bank account is never hacked I'm …