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Why do most women snoop through their man's belongings?


6 different ways to style a braid out (VIDEO)


6 ways to style your braid out!

A few days a go I did my second braid out on my short hair and decided to play a bit with some styling. I love trying new things and I came up with 6 different braid out styles. Loving each style. The video will be posted up soon on my YouTube channel and linked here.

If I have not stressed enough how much I love my new cut, I am IN LOVE! And knowing that I can still style my hair in so many ways makes me all the more excited :) This experience has been truly amazing so far and the more curls I see pop out of my scalp with every wash, the more excited and anxious I become to be fully natural!

Here is one of my braid out styles:

Loving it!!!! Stay tuned for the remaining 6 styles. Video coming soon.........

My Mini chop (Video)


My mini chop (7-12-11)


That's how I feel! I feel great! And loving the new cut! Decided to do my mini chop after staring at my dead ends after my pre-poo today! I hated the way my ends looked and decided to finally make a bold move! I don't regret a thing! My new growth is already much easier to manage so my transition is going to be a smoother ride than what it already was.

Thanking the hubby for his support, which by the way is also loving the cut. Also, all those that are following me on this journey! I feel so blessed.

Here is a Lil sneak peek on my mini chop.Video coming real soon:

Beauty cant be defined by hair alone. If a person is beautiful they are beautiful, natural, relaxed, long hair, short hair, bold, whatever..........

I feel no different now than before I cut my hair. I still feel beautiful :)
I don't need to have long hair to define my persona. I am who I am and although my hair has never been short, now it is and it feels so awesome!!! yay for me!!!!

My hubby video taped me …

Transitioning can be loads of fun!

The farther I am into my transition the more creative I am becoming with hairstyling. I am mostly obsessed with buns. While I do braid outs and pin curls- buns in my opinion is fastest and easiest and can be loads of fun if you get creative.

I am still inspired by a lot of naturals, including my sister who has very beautiful textured hair! I wonder why I did not listen to her when she told me years ago to transition to natural. Oh well, everything has its timing. I was not ready back then but now I am going full force. I really can say that I am loving this experience. I am learning a lot. Today I saw more curls pop out of my head! I am IN LOVE with my natural hair. It makes me feel so anxious to see it fully natural. But since I am a huge punk at BCin I will just have to wait it out.

Ive also (starting today) decided not to hair type my hair. Who cares what hair texture you are? While I use to want to know, today I asked myself why? God gave me whatever he gave me and I'm going t…

4 1/2 Months transitioning hair............