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Transitioning back to natural!

I'm am going to show you all how much of a random individual I am......

Just two days ago I was chatting with my husband telling him that I will "NEVER" go back to being natural since all I know is how to manage relaxed hair. I have been relaxed since age 8. I've, thank goodness, never had a history of hair loss or extreme damage to my hair because my mother (as I have mentioned many times before) is a certified professional beautician. She always knew how to care for my relaxed hair and always helped me retain length- so, Ive always had long hair.

Today, yes today, I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind was "I'm going natural". Told you guys I'm super random. Since my hair was (sad face) BSL I decided not to BC. Really did not feel like cutting all my long hair. My goal for May 2011 was to make Bsl and I did, a little before May. Since I decided not to BC I grabbed the Scissors and quickly starting chopping off a few minutes ago. I di…

Light Trim #1 (4-23-2011)

Will be documenting my light trims! :) Yesterday I did a light trim on my hair cause my ends were looking a bit raggedy! Its so light the trims that you really cant tell that I clipped my ends cause my length hasn't been affected much!

Pushing for more!

I have decided to expand my talents and reach out for a few plan B's! Everyone knows how into my music I am, but we all must keep in mind that if something may not work out the way you plan it to, you must have a plan B to fall back on.

I am not saying that I will give up on music- Music and I are like a marriage, "till death do us part". But I have noticed that the possibilities are endless and so I must push and explore other fields. I am happy to say that I have enrolled back into school. I am so proud of myself for taking that first step..............

School has played such a major part in my life! I have always wanted to  go back to school so that I can lead by example when I have my children. Also, to provide them with a good life. So happy to say that I have not depended on the "welfare system" or government to care for our household! Nothing like feeling and being independent. And please do not get me wrong, I do not knock anyone that reaches out for go…

Stay tuned (Alma V)

I have decided to ustream very soon to talk about the Alma V project. My original plan was to play snippets of the album live. Today, I decided to test out the audio and it was very crappy. In a sense you dont get the true feel of what the tracks really sound like- So I decided not to represent myself in that way.

Here is an update:
I am still willing to ustream and talk about the album. Date and time is still unavailable so I will keep you all posted on my Facebook music page. As far as the audio goes I will post up some snippets of the album on my music page for about 3-4 days so you all can get a feel of the music. After the 3rd or 4th day (not sure yet), I will be taking the tracks down and going live on ustream to talk and answer questions, if you guys have any, about the debut album. Will also be revealing track titles LIVE.......

Please stay tuned and I wanna say THANK YOU to each and everyone that supports Alma V and Avamusicproductions! You guys ROCK!