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Braidout results!!

My braidout results! I do braidouts as a protective style!!!!! Unfortunately the only thing that I Do not like about braidouts is that it strips you from your actual length......other than that I love it- its cute!!!!! I'm planning to put my hands into working in some new protective styles for my hair!

The previous post (with the braids) was how I went about achieving this braidout look. If you want your hair to not seem so short do less plaits on your hair!

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Hairfinity 4 day update!!!


The love of my life

OK, so I was scanning through my blog only to be disappointed to see that I have touch a lot of topics in my life except the most important one in my life: MY HUSBAND!!!
I mean, where do I even begin? First and foremost I wanna thank God for allowing me to be in the presence of a true angel in here on earth. After all that I've been through I can finally say that I have finally found a real man! Ladies, good men do exist! take it from me, they are not extinct!
The very first moment I laid eyes on him I was strucked by true love. Love at first sight like we call it. I have never in my life felt that way until I met this man! Ever since that day we met life has been more than what I expected it to be. Always there for me, supporting me and loving me in every step of the way!
How to spot a real man:
True men show their TRUE colors from day 1. No, it does not take days, months or years to show their true love and appreciation for their woman! I never thought that this day would come or tha…

Hairfinity Challenge!

Yesterday I finally recieved my order! I have never in my life taken supplements for my hair, but since I am on a hair journey I asked myself "why the heck not?". I will be trying hairfinity for two months to test out my results! Please note that products vary on individuals! Will do a hairfinity update after my two months is up!

Hair update!

Yesterday I decided to once again straighten my hair. Usually I apply texturizers but this time I went with an actual perm. I have sticked to self perming, and I can honestly say that after only my second time of doing it myself I am so comfortable now! It's really fun.

My last texturizer was late December 2010. I wanted to stretch my relaxer but my hair was contradicting to my thoughts! The more I stretched the more my hair was breaking! I wanted to reach my 3 month stretch, but after seeing that my hair was continuously breaking I decided to go ahead and apply!

Ive been on top of my hair. Since its natural strands are extremely thin, my hair can not take what a lot of other textures can. I am still doing my co-washes twice a week and clarifying once a month. My deep conditioner has changed. I have gone back to my alter ego products which always seem to do wonders for my hair (Thanks mom for mailing me the package). I use the garlic deep conditioner and its bringing back the vol…

RCUL (Freestyle poetry)

OK OK...... Wanna really know what I think? What I hold in my mind at this precise moment in time?
I'm tired of the negativity, "faketivity", and the "bullshivity" of our people! I mean, when will this all end?