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EDNA (My drawing)

Say hello to "EDNA"- She is fabulous honey! I drew her a few minutes ago, was thinking much of pearls so I was inspired to draw EDNA. I enjoy drawing. Especially on my spare time or if the feeling of boredom takes over me. I like to always feel like I am being productive in life.
Sometimes I question my talents, where did they come from? I try to dig into my family history, and while they all seem to have their own unique talents, I still wonder. But then the Lord lets me know not to take any of my God given talents for granted, since they are only being borrowed from my good God from up above. I wanna thank God for blessing me in such way- for allowing me to live life in peace and Joy. May I continue to develop myself and always keep that inspiration trapped in my heart and soul forever and even after the end of time.

Alma V sings "Ave Maria"


Support our children

I find it extremely important for parents to encourage their kids! Even if its the smallest effort, we must push them so that later on they can strive to be better. I want to share this with you all, my cousin Genesis, who is only 7 years old, just finished this simple school project due this Friday! I thought it was so cute. She was assigned a project of heritage and here is her final work:

GREAT JOB GENESIS.....Big cousin is so very proud of you. May you be one of tomorrows big leader. Always remember to hold on to a positive dream, reach for the stars, and NEVER give up! Good Luck :)

Get to know Artist: Y.A

"Get to know" artist Y.A. From the minute I met this young and talented artist, I knew he had much to offer. The first time I saw him perform I was in awe. Young and full of energy, he will have you at the edge of your seat with his animated stage presence! Lyrically, he can positively be in the range of any signed act. He is what I would define as a RAW talent.
How Long have you been doing music?
Y.A: Ive been doing music for tweleve years, sine I was eight years old.

What inspired you to pursue a music career? Y.A: Three people, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and DMX. I found out I had talent for music after listening to them.
How did these artists spark up your talent in which you felt confident knowing that you possessed such musical talents? Y.A: I remember every word they said, they spoke with passion about their lives. At that paticular time I was going through [some] things. Inspite of my age, I was a very mature child that had problems of my own and their music seemed to cure my p…

-Positive Mode-

I personally do not believe in developing a "New year's resolution". That's Blah to me, very over-rated for no apparent reason. I live my life as I see it go by. I approach every stepping stone one step at a time. Now that I really look back, I have never developed a resolution for the new year. I just let things be as God intended for me even before my existence.

I am in no shape or form downgrading anyone who chooses to plot every step, every choice in their life. Sometimes it just might work that way for some. On the other hand, in my case I enjoy the mysteries of life. The "not knowing" whats to come excites me! I am in the mood of "whatever happiness, happens dammit". But I do assure you one thing, I am developing myself to be a much more positive individual. So many times we fall victim to participating in DRAMA and GOSSIP. In  that sense, I have decided not to take any part in things containing gossip or dealing with overly dramatic persona…