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Its been a long time!

I have not made any updates on this blog for a while now- You may experience a lot of typos, I am using "blogger" app and I am not a fan of proof reading 😒

Today is a new journey....  Trying to get my life in order and maintain it that way-
I am talking about working out! One min I start, the next min I am bored and tired of the routine-- 
Today's breakfast consisted of Hemp Granola with flaxseed- and a mixed berry smoothie with oatmeal in the mix. 
Lunch will be a simple salad with Balsamic  vinaigrette (dressing). In the evening, gym time for an hr. Would like to also dedicate myself to 100 squats daily- 50 in the morning, and 50 before bed.
This will be my starter pic- a little rough but when it comes to working out, there isn't nothing "cute" about it- Lol.
I do NOT do weigh ins or believe in the scale- I just base it all on how I feel in my clothes and how I can visually notice a difference- 
(Day 1)