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1 Year Natural Hair (Check)

Today marks my 1 year Naturalversary. So far, it has been a marvelous experience- Time really does fly by quick, just "yesterday" I remember doing my Big chop and rocking my TWA and today ( a year later) I am at Arm pit length.

Being Natural has taught me so much. The very first thing that it taught me was how beautiful I am, that I dont need long hair to feel confident and secure. I never, in my wildest dream, thought that I would go back to may natural hair, let alone chop off all my hair to go natural! Life has so many surprises in store for us all and it becomes a wonderful experience when we can just sit back and allow God to do what he does best. I say that God had a lot to do with my progress- cause I prayed and had faith that he would show me new things while on this journey and its been deeper than "just hair"---

Current Length October 2012:

Here is a quick video recap of my 1 year journey- from my Big chop till now:
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