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My progress so far! 1 year and 7 months comparison (PICS)- Went from barely neck length to a little past BSL :)

Once I made the decision to become very serious in taking good care for my hair, I can say that GOD has truly helped me along the way with his/her blessings! Its amazing what our hair can do when in proper care. My hair journey has been nothing but an excitement to me, I have enjoyed every single stage- from my BIG CHOP to my current length, I never complained. I fell in love with my hair the minute that I did my BC. Lets just take a sneak peak......

Top pic: Late November 2011-bottom Pic: end of June 2013 right pic: my flat ironed hair July 2013--- 

Its been proven that with proper care and techniques we can all grow our hair!!

There are so many factors that played a major part in my hair growth- for 1 I drink a lot water daily! Water has always been my favorite drink, I DO NOT DRINK SODA and hardly ever drink juice unless it is freshly squeezed.... I am extremely gentle with my hair when managing it, washing it, or styling it. I went 2 and a half years without heat in my ha…