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Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil Wash and Go!

I am absolutely in love with this gel! Its gives great hold and allows for me to have preserved wash and go's for as long as I want before washing my hair! The smell is light and with the new technique that I am using when I do my wash and go's drying time has minimized!

My curls hang a lot more with the new technique. Although I still experience shrinkage (which comes with the territory of being natural) I must say that I am very pleased with the dry ending results.

Here is my day 3 hair WNG:

I have yet to try the other Eco Styler gels but so far I am more than pleased with what the Eco Styler gel Olive Oil can do for my hair. I get a lot of questions as to whether or not it makes my hair crunchy, hard, flaky, or dry and my answer to all of these is no. It does give a good hold but not crunchy at all, I always get movement with my hair- its never stiff. I also want everyone to be aware that I apply my leave in conditioner and oils before applying my gels. I applied gel on dry …

My Perfect Wash and Go!

I have finally perfected my wash and go's! I've had great wash and go days but I was constantly struggling with trying to eliminate frizz. Today as I browsed through YouTube I payed close attention to Mahogonaycurls technique and how she achieves her wash and go styles. One technique in particular was what caught my attention and had the little voice in my head say, "try it! I really believe this will work for your hair as well". I did not even finish watching the video when I found myself in the bathroom trying this new technique. The technique is simple, all I did was apply Eco styler gel on my dry hair (you can also do it on wet or damp hair, just wanted to minimize my shrinkage- why I chose to apply the gel on dry hair) and section it off in really small sections. Apply the gel and continue until fully done- my hair looks and feels very moisturized, which is exactly what I've been longing for with my wash and go's.

I will continue to do this technique- ma…

My Twist Out Tutorial

I have been asked many times how I achieve my twist out and finally decided to show you all in this video how I achieve the look:

Twisted my hair with: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (available at Target & Walgreens or online)
Twists lasted me 7 days
Twisted on wet hair