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I do not go a day without having my nails done, I adore the color of the rainbow and so my nails are always very colorful! Please note that this entry is not to suggest myself as becoming any one's personal nail designer. More so, I want you all to take in some of my creative ideas and become creative at the comfort of your own home :)

As I said before I am learning how to do it all myself, I mean, why the heck not? right?
I personally got sick and tired of going to the nail salon. The wait, the smell, and mostly the fact that they use the same manicure supplies for every customer. Just the thought of not knowing whether these tools are unsanitized was what really got me into getting it done all on my own! Try it! You can do it too!

This one here is my simplest design so far. Can't wait to  show you all more of my creative designs. Quick tip: Before getting started make sure to shape your nails as desired. I prefer them to be average sized, not long nor…

A time for giving (Thanksgiving)

Yesterday was a good day. No! it was a very wonderful day, full of love and peace.

It was 7:00 am when my husband and I headed out to our church to feed the homeless, and those in need. It was one of the best thing I have ever done. Present were those disabled, senior citizens, children, pregnant women, even teenagers who were in need. Its one thing to do donations via telephone or contribute over the net, but its one great feeling when you get to see those same people face to face. Its a face you can identify with, one that would have you thinking "this could have easily been me". But God has me on another mission. He wants me to remain obedient, to follow as I am told.

I didn't not wake up with excuses of why I could not come out and help. On the very contrary, I was pumped yesterday morning. Not Only did the lord grant me another day, but he has proven to me that my mission here on earth has yet to be completed :) For that and more I am grateful. It was hours of orga…

Pretty sky

Today is such a beautiful day. Sun is fully out giving me the heat that I have always missed about my native country.

My to do list consists of pretty much lounging and enjoying my husband's company :) slide into one of my colorful bathing suits and hit the pool.

Sorry Nunu :( I know I was suppose to wait for you to come down so we can sip on some lemonade by the poolside with our cowboy boots on (inny). But I must, I repeated, it's a must for me to enjoy such beautiful day provided to me by my good lord. God has been too good :)

Living and enjoying each and every day
(Gotta go)

Peace ✌

Yaya feeling sick

I'm not sure how other people treat their pets but Yaya is my baby. I treat her like a human child and not a "dog". Today she is feeling pretty sick, throwing up and looking at me with the "help me mommy" look. Ive done just that! Taking good care of her and babying her even more than ever ( she is very spoiled).

I pray that my baby gets well soon.....
Cant stand her being sickie :(

I love my Yaya! 

Makeup Pt 1

Ive been open to creating makeup styles. I love blends. Not too much into one color theme makeup. Here are just two examples of my very own creations. The first look is pretty much bold- a bit exaggerated. Could be used for a photo shoot or a night out with your friends. The second look is a bit on the soft side. Warm colors giving you a very soft look. Could be used for just a regular day out- preferably during summer.
I have just gotten into creating new makeup styles. As I practice more- it shall get better with much more unique styles. Hope you enjoyed.
            Makeup # 1
            Makeup # 2
          Close up Makeup # 2                Much more to come :)


Words can never express how I feel about my mother. She is my one and only idol, my solid rock. Mami gave up so much for me and my sisters, and I just want her to know how I highly appreciate all that she has done for us- and continues to do till this day.

You are one strong and beautiful woman. As a child I would always try on her big "tacos", strutting my stuff around the house acting like her. One day my older sister made me and my middle sister up. She grabbed all of mami's makeup and literally made us up. When I saw myself in the mirror I had wondered where did my sister go wrong? This is not how mami does her makeup! Her makeup and lipstick is pretty and here I am looking like a clown. Yani, you put way too much powder. My mother although she was into her makeup, she never put too much of it. Today I know why..... She is a natural beauty.

One thing about mami is she is such a forgiving being. No matter what anyone does to this woman she goes on with her life and s…

Stop! Gay Bashing

This topic makes me a bit upset.

In advance I want to warn you that some of the contents I write on this blog entry may not be suitable for children to read.

Who the hell are you to judge? Have you walked a mile in their shoes? A mile is nothing compare to a life time of taunting and people constantly ridiculing you. We all make decisions in life. Why must you judge someone because they prefer to be attracted by their same sex? We tend to say that the bible says this and the bible says that. You are a damn fool the bible says so many things that you constantly do wrong daily, providing your soul with sin. Yet, you wanna judge? And just when they feel that the whole world is against them......half of their blood want not part in their decision. I always thought blood was thick, but as the years go by I can see that blood is thinning out.

Whatever happened to support?
Whatever happened to loving someone unconditionally?

Here is my theory on some of you homo phobics. I believe that deep …



My girls

I don't even know where to start.....
All I can say is I'm a big happy mess right now! Why? I found half of my High School friends on Facebook!!!
Yesterday my home girl Beatrice sent me a friend request, when I saw the friend request I almost fell off my chair. I was so excited, I never thought I would see that day where I can be back in contact with all my bad asses. Let me tell you, we were BAD, in HS we ruled that school and everyone respected each and everyone of us! I'm happy to say that none of us are who we were. We have grown so much and are doing great in life. I'm so proud of my babies. I love them with all my heart. Lord I wanna thank you for placing them back into my life........

I wish people could use Facebook more to their advantage as oppose to wanting to be nosy and starting unnecessary drama. I mean really how old are we again? I have not had much drama on FB only one with some simple bitches..... oops god forgive me, I'm better than this but I li…

Natural Beauty


Make-up? I need none. I'm all natural Queen beauty

Where I wanna Be

Life is more than wonderful.
So often when someone asks us "how are you doing today", our immediate response is "I'm doing good". Even if things are not going good we are quickly programmed to say that it is. Today I can say "life is good, I'm good, and will continue to do even better as the days go by". I cant stop smiling, I can stop loving my life even as I sit here and tell you that I've had a very bumpy road in the past. I no longer choose to live in the past. I live in the presence of today and when morrow comes, I will take care of it when it arrives.

We are always afraid to be judged if we utter his name, but I proudly say that I thank my good God for all that he has done for me and my family. That the bumpy road has turned into something  smooth, and relaxing. These are only a few things that start to settle into your life once you have accepted God in its totality. You cant just believe in God, you have to feel God and praise him/her…