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Length check #1

Im loving loving loving my hair journey. I pray that the lord continues to bless my hair and keep it away from harms way (like the lady that made my hair fall out a yr ago---eeek).

Im very content with my results and hair techniques that I use for my hair. I am still 9 months post relaxer and 9 months completely HEAT FREE (I believe this has helped my hair tremendously- that, hairfinity, and my hair care regimen).

Only 1 week and 3 days after my big chop I decided to do my first official length check!!

Here it is:
All I can say is, "WHOOO!!! The power of shrinkage baby" Oh my!

Anyway, Im very thankful that everything is going smooth so far. I believe that GOD has a lot to do with all of my life's success (including my hair)---- So I will continue to place all of me in his hands for more guidance! I love him and Im also loving my hair :)

Note: click on the picture to view actual size and written details!

The joys of being Natural

After finally doing the big chop after 9 months of transition, all I can say is that I am so happy that I ended my transition when I did! I am truly in love with my natural hair. No regrets and in no rush to want to grow my hair out quick. I am enjoying my short hair. Never thought I would ever say this but I am------

I have read many blogs and even saw a lot of YouTube videos where some women regret their chop or complain of their short hair after doing the big chop. I honestly think that everyone should go at their own pace, do things that they know they will feel comfortable with.  Before doing my Big chop I researched a lot--- I looked at TWA's in all different stages- Some really really short, others in between and others just a few inches from no longer being a TWA! I always knew which stage I wanted to be in and once I saw that I had enough hair to do a puff I felt like it was time.

I grew tired of transitioning. It was no longer fun to me--- Buns were a bore and I hated th…

Co-washing my transitioning hair- My final step not included in the video!

I forgot to mention in the video my final step after having co-washed my hair. I ALWAYS apply my Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner after every wash! This is the final step. After having rinsed out my DC I apply my leave in on my damp hair and tie my scarf on  my head to air dry (scarf method).

I almost big chopped!!

Yesterday was my regular wash day- I always love wash days because I get to see more of my new growth as the weeks goes by.----

Something about yesterday's wash day kept bothering me. I could not pin point it at the time but I just kept staring at my hair, almost analyzing every strand. I then took pics of my hair before and after my wash. Looking at my hair before my co-wash made me feel good and accomplished because a year ago my hair was super thin (like never before)---- So I was happy :) But when I took shots of my wet hair, I became anxious once again. I kept asking myself, "why dont you just go ahead and BC?". I gave it some thought and even stared at my scissors just contemplating on whether or not it was time.

While I gave it some thought I did keep in mind that if I do proceed to BC, once my hair is completely dry I will have MAJOR shrinkage. So, again, I was confused. I called my husband and asked him what he thought about it--- He told me to go ahead …

9 months post (CHECK)

Last time I blogged and had texture shots ( at 8 months post) I said I will "texture shot" blog at 10 months post, but I have since changed my mind. I would like to see my progress on a month to month basis. Its motivating and exciting and I promise you that I cant wait to look back at my blog and say. "wow-".

I am super happy that I have made it this far- Today was a shampoo wash day and protein treatment day. I love to co-wash so when my shampoo days arrive I'm not as thrilled to wash my hair because the shampoo strips my hair a bit and makes it a bit "hard" and dry. But today I decided to do something different ;)- Today I applied my conditioner before applying the shampoo. I made sure to leave some of the conditioner in my hair to see if it would make a difference. Did it make a difference? YES! My hair felt so soft. Didn't feel like I was shampoo washing my hair at all! I'm definitely going to stick to that method from now on. My hair fel…

Almost a year later!!!! My hair has come a long way!!!

Last year, late November- my hair fell out! Allow me to repeat this story once again! My hair has ALWAYS been in my mother's care. I have never in my life allowed anyone to style my hair, relax my hair or even play in my hair except for my mother who has been a certified beautician even before I was born.

Growing up I always had a good amount of hair on my head- my hair was never short because my mother was always caring for it and nourishing it! Last year my husband and I moved away- very far away from my mother. I always paid much attention to my mother whenever she was doing hair so I always had an idea on how to do hair- but, I was way to lazy to even want to try and be my own hair stylist. First thing's first, when we moved my main concern was who will be caring for my hair now that my mother is so far away? I was worried a bit because I have always heard a few horror salon stories and always felt lucky to have a mom that did it all in that field! But, I still decided to …