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Get to Know Artist: BLO

Here is a quick interview with Artist B.L.O. CEO of  Bomb Baby Unlimited. I have personally known this artist a little over six years now. It was something as simple as us liking the old school teen duo Kris Kross that  automatically linked us. As further down the road we would participate in same artist's showcases. I was fortunate to see this young artist develop his craft. I must say, a lot of unsigned artists can rock as hard if not harder than some signed acts (in my very own opinion)
Get to know artist BLO:

What is the meaning behind your name (BLO)? Originally it was an acronym for Bust Lyrics Outstanding, but over time I got better & got a lil more confident now it stands for the Best Lyricist Out.
What kind of music and artists did you listen to growing up? I'm an 80s baby so I listened to a lil bit of everything. Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, House. You name it. Micheal, Whitney, Janet, Cindi Lauper, Aerosmith, El Debarge, basically if it was poppin in the 80s I was on it.…

Look at what I found

I'm not sure how many of you have a secret box....
Well, I do. And in it I have memories for days. Pictures, letters, cards, certificates, etc.

Today I decided to snoop a little just so I can relive a few of my wonderful memories and I found this drawing that I drew back when I was in JHS. Lol It was not traced, in case you are wondering. I remember how much my mother used to love this drawing and would brag to her friends about how artistic I was. Which at the time I did not agree. I used to draw out of being bored. It was my little escape. For years this drawing was on my bedroom door. I'm thankful and I do acknowledge my sister's support because they never complained nor did they ever feel out of the loop because I was the only one that would always express myself through drawing, singing, or writing. They just let me be! Today I am not much of a fan of drawing as I used to be but when something is in you, there is no way it could ever escape. So, I'm pretty sure its …

DIY (My texturized hair)

I did it! I must admit I was very nervous because I had never applied any kind of relaxer, perm or texturizer on anyone including myself. The results? Better than what I expected.

Again, I wanna thank my mother for always being an inspiration and a woman that has done it all on her own all her life. If it wasn't for her I honestly don't think I would have went as far as doing it all on my own. Now that I know I can do it, I will officially be my own beautician. I no longer need to head to a salon or allow anyone else but myself to manage my hair. I have learned so much in such short time.

No, I am not claiming to be an expert- I have a long way before I can apply that title onto myself. I do, however, pay close attention to the needs of my hair. I am learning my hair like never before and it feels good to know that I am the one in control now. Don't need any kind of influences on what I need to do with my hair. Which is what they do at salons. It was always "mami, yo…

Make up Design (video)

Products that I use (video)

Product Reviews:

I just want to share some quick reviews of some products I am currently using in my hair regimen. Today, I finally tried the olive oil and honey mask :) Results? Awesome! Soon as I made it in the shower to rinse [it] out I felt the thickness in my hair. I was also happy to see that it created a slip, so I knew that I would not be shedding as much. Today was my co-wash day. I have decided to co-wash every week and clarify once a month. For my co-washes I am currently using V05 moisture milks passion fruit scented. I am absolutely loving this product. It's a very cheap brand so it goes easy on the pockets. At only 86 cents in Walmart, this product has done pretty good by my hair with my co-washing. I detangled in the shower with this conditioner and I was amazed at how I did not experience breakage :) Mainly this was one of my major setbacks. Every time I would experience breakage it would thin out my hair and there I was at the salon getting a major trim.

Following my co-wash I pro…

Hair treatment: Olive Oil & Honey mask

....And the journey to healthier and longer hair continues. After trying out the raw eggs and being satisfied with the results, I wanted to try something new recommended to me by a friend Her results look absolutely amazing. Very healthy with much volume, and thats what I am also looking foward to in my hair journey. For anyone else intrerested, this is a home made hair treatment. You can do it yourself right at home! I have not done this just yet but will try it this week. I will give you all some reviews on how it worked out for me.

Here is a video on how to blend the two:

Hair treatment!

I have been in a mind frame where I want to "do it all myself". No need to have people care for me because I honestly believe that no one can take care of you better than yourself. My mother has been the one to care for my hair ever since I was a child, and in her care my hair has never fallen out, EVER! As I got into doing live shows I would  play a bit with my image and my hair played major role in this change. I would dye my hair, flat iron it, rock long weaves, sometimes even wigs! Of course all of this took a toll on the condition of my hair. It became very thin, hardly any volume left, and super dry and at one point fell out :(

I recently decided that I would manage my hair and take care of it so that I can achieve my desired length. It will not be a hard task because all one has to do is care for it daily. I have always had a major problem with dry scalp. So very much so that even after a washing set I would still have dandruff hanging on to dear life on my scalp and …

Nails Pt.2

Nails-Nails NailsDesigns.......... TRY IT YOURSELF


Some of us struggle to find our OWN identity. This can come from many things in life. Some people always expect for others to approve of who they are and what they do, and when others don't respond in that way, they doubt themselves. Another reason may be that the attention they craved for as a child was never received. This is, I would consider, a disease! It really is, maybe not in medical terms but it can do so much damage to a person. All in all, I believe that being yourself begins at home with some "training" from Mom, Dad, or both.

As a child my mother would always  say "good job", "don't give up", "don't be afraid", "be yourself" even if it wasn't my best work- She always pushed me to do better. With that kind of positive attitude coming from my mother, her voice would always play in my mind in times that I was not so sure about certain things in life. She made me understand early on that I am one of God's c…