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My 10 month post Update (video)


I have come a long way and still got long ways to go....... But one thing is for sure, I feel truly blessed :)

1st attempt at roller setting my natural hair.......

For the first time after doing my BC, I got frustrated with my short hair! So much so I wanted to stomp on all my rollers and destroy them. I'm so used to roller setting my hair without any problems, but ofcourse that was when my hair was long. The challenge that I faced roller setting my short hair made me want to not even roller set today........

But as I know, and some of you know- I HATE giving up!!!  So I did it!! ;)

It was challenging trying to figure out which size would fit in which section of the hair. I had to take the front part out a few times, because after roller setting the front with the Yellow rollers, it would undo itself shortly after, so I had to downgrade it to the smaller roller (blue) and PERFECTO!! ;)

Now, there were sections that were longer- I was surprised that I can roller set some parts with the peach colored rollers! That made me happy cause I thought they were too big for my short hair but I was totally wrong. My verdict so far is that after all was …

10 months post (CHECK)

I've been longing to reach this month. Don't know why, but it makes me feel like I have finally achieved something :) I cant believe that in two more months I will be 1 year post relaxer. WOW! Loving it. Everything is going pretty good so far- I have absolutely no complaints. I am currently full neck length without stretching my hair- SL when stretched and that makes me so happy.

I cant wait to see where my hair will be at 6 months post BC! I am too excited!