1st attempt at roller setting my natural hair.......

For the first time after doing my BC, I got frustrated with my short hair! So much so I wanted to stomp on all my rollers and destroy them. I'm so used to roller setting my hair without any problems, but ofcourse that was when my hair was long. The challenge that I faced roller setting my short hair made me want to not even roller set today........

But as I know, and some of you know- I HATE giving up!!!  So I did it!! ;)

It was challenging trying to figure out which size would fit in which section of the hair. I had to take the front part out a few times, because after roller setting the front with the Yellow rollers, it would undo itself shortly after, so I had to downgrade it to the smaller roller (blue) and PERFECTO!! ;)

Now, there were sections that were longer- I was surprised that I can roller set some parts with the peach colored rollers! That made me happy cause I thought they were too big for my short hair but I was totally wrong. My verdict so far is that after all was said and done, it all went well. But the amount of time that it takes me to roller set my short hair compared to how fast I used to roller set my long hair clearly is not worth doing again until my hair grows out some more. I'm not that patient to just take my sweet time. I like to get things done as soon as possible- but my hair is so short right now that I literally had to TAKE MY TIME! ugh......

Definitely sticking to wash and go's from now on!

My freshly co-washed hair. The back is longer than the front ( this is actually normal) *wink*

Right now my hair in the front gets roller set with the small rollers! The purple being the smallest of them all and the blue being the next color after--- I shall graduate from this pretty soon!! Watch me!!!

Its looking promising, No? ;)

Last but never ever least, I want to shout out my mother (like always)! I'm so happy to have a mother that can DO IT ALL!!! I've been watching this lady do hair since forever. I was never taught how to roller set or relax hair but just watching her taught me all that I need to know about hair. And its because of her that I have grown into a woman that can do it all herself. MOM, you are THE BEST!!!! No need for salons- my salon is right here, at home.

I will update you all went I take the rollers out and see what my hair is looking like then!


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