My progress so far! 1 year and 7 months comparison (PICS)- Went from barely neck length to a little past BSL :)

Once I made the decision to become very serious in taking good care for my hair, I can say that GOD has truly helped me along the way with his/her blessings! Its amazing what our hair can do when in proper care. My hair journey has been nothing but an excitement to me, I have enjoyed every single stage- from my BIG CHOP to my current length, I never complained. I fell in love with my hair the minute that I did my BC. Lets just take a sneak peak......
Top pic: Late November 2011-bottom Pic: end of June 2013 right pic: my flat ironed hair July 2013--- 

Its been proven that with proper care and techniques we can all grow our hair!!

 There are so many factors that played a major part in my hair growth- for 1 I drink a lot water daily! Water has always been my favorite drink, I DO NOT DRINK SODA and hardly ever drink juice unless it is freshly squeezed.... I am extremely gentle with my hair when managing it, washing it, or styling it. I went 2 and a half years without heat in my hair (No hair dryer, blow dryer or flat iron whatsoever)-- Just recently (as pictured in the cornered pic) did I decide to lightly flat iron my hair- and I do mean lightly, my hair is not at all bone straight.... Ive always been afraid of getting heat damage so I made sure not to overdue the heat.... I followed up with a Castor oil challenge in which some of you joined me in, this challenge went on from Dec 2012-June 2013! I take Multi-vitamins (Hairfinity) that help provide me with vitamins and nutrients that I otherwise lack in my daily foods/meals. There really is NO magic if you are NOT doing your part in keeping up with your hair care! It can be done Just take care of yourself and your hair to really see results!

My ultimate hair length goal is wherever the Lord wants to lead me to! I no longer have hopes instead, I will continue to enjoy my journey and remember that there are many others that aren't as fortunate to grow their hair due to illness- Be grateful and enjoy every step of your HJ :)

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