The love of my life

OK, so I was scanning through my blog only to be disappointed to see that I have touch a lot of topics in my life except the most important one in my life: MY HUSBAND!!!

I mean, where do I even begin?
First and foremost I wanna thank God for allowing me to be in the presence of a true angel in here on earth. After all that I've been through I can finally say that I have finally found a real man! Ladies, good men do exist! take it from me, they are not extinct!

The very first moment I laid eyes on him I was strucked by true love. Love at first sight like we call it. I have never in my life felt that way until I met this man! Ever since that day we met life has been more than what I expected it to be. Always there for me, supporting me and loving me in every step of the way!

How to spot a real man:

True men show their TRUE colors from day 1. No, it does not take days, months or years to show their true love and appreciation for their woman! I never thought that this day would come or that I would live life in a stable and loving relationship, but God proved me wrong!

Still I remember how almost every day he would greet me at my mother's apt door with flowers in hand and much quality time spent with me and not the boys! I am very impressed and more in love with him today than ever before. The day after we met he treated me to dinner, always treating me like a lady and not a street walker (if you know what I mean). Soon after we started attending church together to make sure that the lord was always in our path and that we were well aware that life was in good directions because of the good lord!

A hard working man!
For 5 years he has made sure to keep up with his responsibilities in maintaining a good job. Always taking care of home. Hanging out with the fellas has never been an issue in this relationship, no sir! We are joined at the hip, we are always spotted together in any great event! One is never seen without the other, EVER! Its a true blessing.

A real man always paints a smile on his woman's face even when there are no events called for a celebration! From the smallest things to the biggest things, he always makes me smile. He is my best friend, one I can confide in and trust without worries of him casting any judgements on who I am or who I was.

Surprise, surprise! Every year he makes up for big events!, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's day! He makes sure that "baby" (as he calls me) gets to be a spoiled brat! Actually everyday passing I'm being spoiled...........

For five years he tells me how beautiful I am, he assures me of my true beauty that most will never get to see or appreciate! When I'm down, he lifts me up! He shows me life is always worth living and it is cause I share it with one of God's greatest creations here on earth, a true angel!

Travelers! Upon meeting him the only place I have ever known was my native country and NYC. Quickly he took me out of that mind frame and showed me [that] there are so many great places on earth to see and explore! For that and so much more I am very thankful!

I think that the biggest approval was how well he fit into my family. How everyone loves him and accepts him the minute they meet this man. I am a very proud woman. I am proud of my husband for all that he is, for all that he isn't and for all that he has yet to be! The word "NO" never slips out of his mouth if I ever want something! He makes sure that baby is always well taken care of and I always do the same. I take very good care of my man.......But ladies before we can ever do that we have to identify with self first!

I sit here and think, what has this man NOT done for me? He has done it all and more! Good hugs and kisses daily, quality time spent daily, goofy moments daily and acceptance of the good lord daily! United as one we stand. And just like a lot of other couples who have stood the test of time, oh, we are definitely heading there! Communicate always! There is no better understanding than when one gets to sit down and communicate! Pour out your feelings, don't hesitate or be afraid, never judge one another and always pour love in everything that you do! Our main ingredient is LOVE! Lots and lots of love! My eyes never wonder off, why should it when I have the best of the best here always home. When I need love, affection and attention, its always available to me. Never far away, never do I ever have to "reach"- its just simply there!

My admiration for my husband goes well beyond any admiration I had for any other individual. The best day of my life was our wedding day! All dress in white, bouquet in hand, looking so beautiful like we have never looked before, It takes a real man to stand tall and say " I love this woman, I will prove it and have the world witness it". Why hide true love? Why be ashamed to claim that you are in love? Love is shameless, it will prove itself beyond words. As I walked down the isle, I just could not believe that I was actually living what I had always dreamed of as a little girl. Being married to my one and only king! I have never wanted to be stuck with a man that could not fit into my late great grandfather's shoes! "Papa" always took care of his wife, house, and 17 children and knowing that I never wanted anything less than what my grandfather stood for!

Today, I can honestly say that I am the happiest living woman here on earth! I feel like I have it ALL! And the rest is yet to come! See, the first face that I see everyday as I wake is his face and I pray to God that when he drags me to heaven that it will be his face that I will see again and fall in love with again! Our secret code "long lasting love even after forever is gone" that's just destiny! Its not good luck, it is destiny in its boldest definition! What more can a woman ever ask for?

I can keep going and going, but everything that I have to say and everything that I truly feel wont fit into this page, it would take me more than a lifetime to really express my true feelings! Te Amo Antoine! My solid rock! :)


  1. Its realy nice to be loved boo hugs and kissies my queen thank you god for allowing my wife to pour out her feelings lord!

  2. Aww baby! You're so silly! I "wove you" suggie! I thank the lord for you everyday that I wake! My stinka binka ;)


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