Hair update!

Yesterday I decided to once again straighten my hair. Usually I apply texturizers but this time I went with an actual perm. I have sticked to self perming, and I can honestly say that after only my second time of doing it myself I am so comfortable now! It's really fun.

My last texturizer was late December 2010. I wanted to stretch my relaxer but my hair was contradicting to my thoughts! The more I stretched the more my hair was breaking! I wanted to reach my 3 month stretch, but after seeing that my hair was continuously breaking I decided to go ahead and apply!

Ive been on top of my hair. Since its natural strands are extremely thin, my hair can not take what a lot of other textures can. I am still doing my co-washes twice a week and clarifying once a month. My deep conditioner has changed. I have gone back to my alter ego products which always seem to do wonders for my hair (Thanks mom for mailing me the package). I use the garlic deep conditioner and its bringing back the volume that my hair lacked after it fell out
                                 Ok, Here are my results:

I also did a very light trim on my hair. Very light, nothing like a salon where you want a trim and they always wind up giving you a hair cut, Gosh, I used to hate that! Well, I will keep you guys updated on my hair journey results! So far I am loving it!

Vannie C


  1. it looks good and healthy, i thought u were done with the perms tho!!!!!!!! oh no lol


  2. Thank you Konner! I thought I was done too but my hair was breaking a lot and I needed to apply some of that Creamy crack or my hair would have fallen out again.

    Texturizers are great for my hair but since I am gaining volume once again my new growth is way thicker so the texturizer was leaving me a bit underprocessed :/

  3. From what I can tell from the photo you did an excellent job. I'm no expert on hair care but I know beautiful hair when I see it.

  4. Thank you John :) Im still working on it and by the grace of god it will flourish even more!

  5. hi vannie,
    nice blog..just sign in as your follower hope you can visit mine and follow me too at
    thank's a bunch:)

  6. Its looking good baby growing more and more day by day! Pretty soon it will be down your back baby the journey continues boo!


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