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G.I.R.L.S -Who Run The World-Alma V


12 weeks post transitioning phase

My journey thus far is going pretty good. I'm learning more and more and with gaining knowledge on how to manage the two textures, I am able to prevent my hair from breaking. Breakage is one of the main problems that transitioners have, as the line of demarcation is a very delicate area and easily prone to breakage if not handled properly.

Before deciding to go natural I experienced breakage on my nape area. Today, I got rid of whatever relaxed hair was hanging on to my nape area. After debating on whether or not I should make the cut, I finally proceeded to do so and now I am feeling very happy that I did. Although the nape is an area that can be well hidden, it bothered me how those relaxed ends were clinging on to dear life. In a sense it was also holding me back from transitioning properly. The last thing I want to experience is a major setback, and believe me if you don't get rid of those dead ends sooner than later you just might regret your decision later on.

It feels …

[Premiere] Alma V "Get Away" music video! *Watch in HD*


Alma V "Get Away" Music Video [Coming Soon]

This is my very first directed and edited music video. I am very excited and also aware of my endless possibilities. It happened just like that, at a snap of a finger. I wondered why not make a music video so people can better understand the feel behind the music?

Why should I have to wait for a professional to handle my business, when I can easily put my hands on it and see if I am capable of creating good imaging that will portray my feelings in a video? I never doubted myself so I went ahead and just did it. The video, as I would describe it, is very simple yet projects my inner feelings. I am loving it so far because while a lot of artists tend to sing every second of the song in their music videos, I headed into a whole different direction. I'm not into trends nor do I like to duplicate what has already been done time and time again. I like to stay on the side of my street and do what works for AlmaV.

The video is coming very soon and I hope you all enjoy it.

Some video stills…

Happy Birthday!

Wishing my husband a very happy happy birthday. May the good lord keep blessing you with billions more and may all your dreams come true. Will always be by your side- as your wife, best friend, and ride or die.....
Forever Vannie & Clyde


Air drying (scarf method)

I am no longer doing roller sets after I wash my hair.......
I'm sticking with air drying my hair. What works very well for me is the scarf method!

After every wash, I simply apply my leave in conditioner (Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner). I use a brush to slick my edges and the front of my hair, I tie the scarf and allow my hair to air dry. By the time my hair is dry at about 65%, I proceed to apply my daily moisturizer. At the moment I am using two products as my daily moisturizer, ORS Olive olive oil lotion and Hollywood beauty Castor oil.

When my hair is 100% dry, I apply a bit more moisturizer, detangle my hair in sections and do a protective style right after.

Some Images of my air drying scarf method:

Its been almost 2 months since I have applied heat to my hair. Saying goodbye to flat irons and blow dryers- BYE! :)

Really Love this method! Its fast and it allows me to continue to pass on applying heat to my hair <<<----Still tracking my NG- Here I am at 9 wee…

Transitioning to natural (video)


My transition (The beginning)

At 8 weeks post! Transitioning to natural

Last relaxer: March 2,2011
Supplement: Hairfinity chopped a few inches off on 4-29-2011
Will keep my progress updated.............