Alma V "Get Away" Music Video [Coming Soon]

This is my very first directed and edited music video. I am very excited and also aware of my endless possibilities. It happened just like that, at a snap of a finger. I wondered why not make a music video so people can better understand the feel behind the music?

Why should I have to wait for a professional to handle my business, when I can easily put my hands on it and see if I am capable of creating good imaging that will portray my feelings in a video? I never doubted myself so I went ahead and just did it. The video, as I would describe it, is very simple yet projects my inner feelings. I am loving it so far because while a lot of artists tend to sing every second of the song in their music videos, I headed into a whole different direction. I'm not into trends nor do I like to duplicate what has already been done time and time again. I like to stay on the side of my street and do what works for AlmaV.

The video is coming very soon and I hope you all enjoy it.

             Some video stills from the video:
                        Some Video Stills from the video:


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