12 weeks post transitioning phase

My journey thus far is going pretty good. I'm learning more and more and with gaining knowledge on how to manage the two textures, I am able to prevent my hair from breaking. Breakage is one of the main problems that transitioners have, as the line of demarcation is a very delicate area and easily prone to breakage if not handled properly.

Before deciding to go natural I experienced breakage on my nape area. Today, I got rid of whatever relaxed hair was hanging on to my nape area. After debating on whether or not I should make the cut, I finally proceeded to do so and now I am feeling very happy that I did. Although the nape is an area that can be well hidden, it bothered me how those relaxed ends were clinging on to dear life. In a sense it was also holding me back from transitioning properly. The last thing I want to experience is a major setback, and believe me if you don't get rid of those dead ends sooner than later you just might regret your decision later on.

It feels like a fresh new start to me, and may I add how much I am loving my new growth! Its pretty manageable, all I do is give my hair some TLC. That's the only trick to having a successful hair journey. Always do your research and stick to what works for YOU! I am loving this journey :)


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