Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil Wash and Go!

I am absolutely in love with this gel! Its gives great hold and allows for me to have preserved wash and go's for as long as I want before washing my hair! The smell is light and with the new technique that I am using when I do my wash and go's drying time has minimized!

My curls hang a lot more with the new technique. Although I still experience shrinkage (which comes with the territory of being natural) I must say that I am very pleased with the dry ending results.

Here is my day 3 hair WNG:

I have yet to try the other Eco Styler gels but so far I am more than pleased with what the Eco Styler gel Olive Oil can do for my hair. I get a lot of questions as to whether or not it makes my hair crunchy, hard, flaky, or dry and my answer to all of these is no. It does give a good hold but not crunchy at all, I always get movement with my hair- its never stiff. I also want everyone to be aware that I apply my leave in conditioner and oils before applying my gels. I applied gel on dry hair with no product once and while the results were marvelous and felt very similar to when I use my leave in conditioner and oils I cant say that I will not do that again ;)

Currently I am 18 months post relaxer and 10 Months natural. I am waiting for these two months to fly by so I can finally reach my 1 year Naturalversary! Its been a great journey so far and hoping that it continues this way....... I have learned so much about my natural hair in such short amount of time, and I can honestly and truly say that I love my natural hair and enjoy being natural! I never, in a million years thought that I would ever go back to being natural let alone embrace it- its amazing the many surprises that life has in store for us all.

Products used to achieve this WnG:
Suave Naturals coconut conditioner (co-washing)
Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Eco Styler gel Olive Oil

*In that order* ;)


  1. This turned out BEAUTIFUL! I love Eco Styler!

  2. Great results. I too like the olive eco but I bought it in a small size with another--argan oil--in the same size. I love the olive so much that I'm scared to crack open the argan when it runs out!

  3. Is your new technique you mentioned the curly girl method?

  4. Jewel D...... NO! Its not the CG Method- its just a way of applying the gel into smaller sections.

  5. Instructions please?
    I am assumming co wash first and leave in condit next?
    Just confused on the gels.
    BTW gorgeous hair.


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