...It has been a long time PT 2.

Almost 2 years since I blogged. So much has happened ever since, but I decided to keep this blog active and LIVE!!! Still on a hair journey, which has been a very successful journey. Now I am on my Vegan and fitness lifestyle. 

This blog will be of many things dealing with myself. Such as hair, Vegan dishes, Fitness inspiration, Married life, beauty and much MORE. I want to thank those that have been loyal in supporting my achievements in life and that continue to encourage and motivate me. Since my last post here on this blog, I was trying hard to keep track of my weight loss and maintain a fit body. Today, I have achieved my goal and more- and I just want to tell you that you too can live a very successful life. You too, can achieve all of your heart's desires. Stay dedicated, positive, self motivated, and most importantly disciplined

     Fitness and healthy Lifestyle Success                         Long & healthy Hair Journey

You can Follow my Hair Journey  and Healthy Lifestyle via Social media:
Snapchat: Vannie3000

All in all, just love yourself and focus on developing yourself into the BEST you possible. Best wishes to all.
Vannie C


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