Hair Update!

Oh My!!

It has been over a year since I have posted on my blog---
So much has happened since then... I am still on my Natural hair journey, constantly caring for my hair :)

As of August 2014, I achieved what used to be my ultimate goal (Waist length). I am very excited about that- However, I have yet to straighten my hair to allow others to see my true length. That can definitely wait because I am still not heat friendly.

As of today I started a 6 months castor oil challenge-I have done these challenges before and got nothing but great results so I am at it once again.

My current goals with my hair is to maintain it's health and allow it to grow as long as possible. Now that my hair is much longer wash days are obviously that- a whole day dedicated to my hair alone. Tangles have gotten much more severe since the hair is at a longer length and the detangling time is up by a good 85% compared to when my hair was shorter. I am still very grateful to have achieved my goals and be able to share my journey with others who also have hopes in achieving healthy, long hair- it CAN be done.

I have never had a set regimen (still don't)- I mainly just pay attention to my hair's wants and do so accordingly. I do style my hair once every week--- mainly a wash and go or twist out but for the past month or so I have been rocking my wigs. I did a light trim back in October 2014--- will currently be documenting my trims since people often ask me how often I trim. I do not have a trimming schedule- I only trim when needed but just out of curiosity I would also like to document how often I trim my ends. 

I am mostly active on Instagram (which is all about my Natural hair journey)-
You can find me at: @Vannie3000 on IG
and on FB at:

I will try my BEST to update on my blog like I used to when I first started my Hair journey :)


  1. Hey Vannie! I am one of your followers (on google reader), and wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing with your hair! It's very healthy and I really hope to improve my hair routine with some of your tips. I also wanted to say that I enjoy your blog so much that I have nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award!
    I hope that you will consider accepting the award (if you’d like).The rules of
    the Award are on my blog:
    Thanks a lot!


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