Change is ALWAYS good!

Since I'm getting back on track with getting back to my ideal weight.....
I also decided to dye my hair black! A change for a change, no? I gotta feel it all around me!
I thank my husband for supporting my every decision, he is never on the opposite team whenever I wanna do something for me. And I am very glad to love myself so much that no one's opinion really comes before what I really think and believe!

Some Women never get to learn who they are because their husbands or  boyfriends do not approve, or maybe a family member or a friend. I can say that has never been my problem. I like to make my own decisions without any one's influence. I give my husband kudos for always sticking to the things that I like ;-)

This will be my first time actually managing my own hair. My mother has been the only one to ever touch my hair, that explains why my hair has never fallen out or broken for that matter. Ive observed her long enough that I can say that I do trust me in being my very own beautician!

Being blond was dope but the heat is not treating my hair very well.
I will post up the before and after pics soon...........


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