Fasting/ Dieting

Its day 2 of my diet.....

Yesterday morning God blessed me with another day. So just being the curious individual that I am, I hopped on the scaled to see how much I weigh. I was not at all pleased with the numbers.....couldnt believe it!!

I'm at 1** (you really thought I would tell you ha).... this is the most Ive weighed ever. What did I do? I went cold turkey.....I made sure not to over eat, started exercising, and drank loads of water. I also made sure not to eat late at night, which I used to love to do.
Im very excited about this new way of living, its not only about making sure that I feel good about my image but also health is the main issue that concerns me the most.

Sometimes we dont put the brakes on it until it is waaay too late....
I love me unconditionally, but I had to put the breaks before it got way out of hand.

Although yesterday was the beginning I will keep an update on my progress, eating habbits, and mood swings that I may develop while on my fasting- diet :-)


  1. dieting is great as long as you use the right loose weight and at the same time you boost your metabolism.coming from a hispanic background, my brothers have tought me how to diet without starving and working out without overexsausting accomplish everything you put ur mind to which is a quality i admire bout you and with the support of ur husband,u r ya tons,ur annonimous fan jajaja

  2. thank u "annonymous fan" habaldorasa...... I agree. Dieting is not about starving, its about eating in portions and learning how to give ur body some rest when it comes to working out! I have a tremendous amount of supporters! God always holds me down, my husband and my beautiful family! What would I ever do without that combo? I feel more than blessed :)

  3. you would probably in the nut house.hispanic familys,well atleast mines (jajaja) always say it like it is especially the mothers.

  4. Not all hispanics r crazy. Ok! Maybe im lying! But they r supportive of one another, at least in my family ;)


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