I am the greatest (Poetry)

Hey Look at me doing something like a Ninja!
But you weren't there, yeah that figures
Who, besides me can say
That they are proud of all I've accomplished today?
There I go again facing myself in the mirror
I'm my only friend
yeah, that figures

Why if I am doing so well
you don't celebrate me?
Yet when I'm doing bad you send me to hell?
You yell and tell on the things I don't do
Lets forget me for a minute and focus on you......

I'm so tired of carrying this burden for you
While u never attended
I did graduate school
But you call ME a fool
Yet the finger that u point at me is staring at you
Just look at it! pointing at you!
YOU are the fool!!!!

Everything I've done seems never enough
But one thing I will never do is give up
Although situations can sometimes get tough
Now you tell me who is weak?
Don't you dare utter a word as I speak!!!!
I've crossed the line that no one dared cross
It's when I found out
that I am the boss!

Funny how I believed I needed you!
In actuality I don't
I pity you
And as a reminder I will hand you this sticky post
Do yourself a favor and hang it up
So your ass will never forget
Being on my bad side is something you will regret
"Don't Need You" I repeat
Seems more like you're the one who is in need of me

Your rotten trees will never grow
Yet I have big trees
that grows & GROWS

I longed for a world that would be in awe (before me)
But its taking so long
For me to fall on my knees
NEVER will I belittle myself
Before anyone just 2 get approval of my greatness
Cause bitch I been discovered that I will forever be the greatest
I will forever be the greatest (echoes)


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