I miss my friend Brent

In HS we were so inseparable.

I couldn't believe that finally I found a male best friend and he doesn't try a move on me, nor does he even look at me in that way. Some thought it was so impossible, but he and I proved that it can be done. I think of him as more than a friend, he is the big brother that I never had. Always there for me, would hurt when I hurt. OK he didn't cry when I cried, you know how men are ;-)

I really miss him.....
I miss how silly we would act together
How no one understood our bond.

when he didn't attend school, the teachers were not calling his parents to see what was up with Brent, they asked me! And vise- versa.... boy were we inseparable!

In HS I was not planning to attend my senior trip, but guess who convinced me? yup!
I'm glad I did attend or else I would've regret not going because it was so much fun.
We video taped the whole trip, of course, our idea.

I sang for everyone and we even did a mini horror clip....that shit was dope.
Everyday, he would come over after school to, no, not do homework, to hang out and help me rehearse some of my songs! We would be loud in my room, and now that I'm much older I wonder why the heck mother never fussed about us acting a fool in my room. Music so loud you can hear the base vibrate through the walls. My mother was cool like that ;-)

Nowadays its so different....
Too adultish (lol) and too many responsibilities.
I'm married now and that time that I had for friends and family, I dedicate to my husband.
I am still trying to figure out how to juggle the two, but it is kind of hard.

Adulthood is so strange. Its nothing like I would have ever imagined....but heck, I'm here now so I have to do what I have to do. I wonder how Momma made it seem like it was just another walking day in the park. She is superhuman I tell you.

But I know this for sure, a friend is the truest friend when they stick around! When you can go months without seeing them or speaking to them, and they never question why. The friendship continues where you left off. I'm so happy to have a few great friends, But I'm so very blessed to have a true friend like Brent.

By the way, I wanna thank him for always keeping everything I tell him a secret.
He is one of the few people I know that has the talent to do this. The rest of you can go take a few lessons here and there :-P

Friends till the end (pinkie swear)


  1. You know most people will never understand the true meaning of "things can never be the same". And they cant but SOMETIMES, just SOMETIMES instead of focusing on the past(the good or the bad) you build something new, something better an in that you can find something true.

  2. Hey Brent... Only you and I can understand these things- u know our theory about people. But we will keep that on the hush. ;-)

  3. Very nice words I agree with you on that one my brother!


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