In the mind of a prostitue (poetry)

Off they start as innocent as can be
Somewhere down the line
they developed curiosity- About sexuality
Unaware of the power called VAGINA
Lost she became even God couldn't find her
She's never been loved
That's what she fears
And prostitution she claims as a career
So the tears flow deeper than the sea
She questions every morning
Why'd you had to choose me?
Even as a child, she recalls
No father to take charge
So she gave up on her all
Cheapened by SEX
it became her addiction
Satisfied with it's pleasure
It became her religion
Make up heavier than a clown's
She paints a smile on her face
Just to hide her frown
Black dresses and mini skirts
When she hits the corner
She seduces Men with her flirt
Her soul became lost
and tossed..... In the trash!
Exposing herself
And exploiting herself
For a bit of cash
Then she hops in a van
with a man
that chooses to play the game
This isn't about love, care. or hate!!!!!!!!!!
Pleasing him she lies and calls him "baby"
he returns the favor
while he cheats on his lady
And when it's over with him--------She starts at square One
where she began
without counting numbers
she hopes yet again, in another man's van
And all this time she prays to be safe
and not be looked at or stared at
she learns: No shame
her mind is loose
and being abused
To kill the demons that live within?
but continues an act classified as a sin?
And just one day she became fed up
The same money she received to charge for sex
became her winning number that bought her to her death bed!
In the thoughts of how she died
a list of reasons where listed for every girl that wants to follow that road
And do as she's told

I dedicate this poem to all women that lives or experienced this life style. As a child I've observed this act and was never compelled by it. It was something that before I even created conscious I knew it was wrong. But how wrong is it I ? when I've never lived that life. That all society has ever done for these women where turn their backs on them and judge. I pray for these women and girls because I'm unaware of the challenges they had to face that would make them turn to a dead end. Just remember it could be you, your mother, sisters, cousins,someone dear to you. Please open up and try to understand every humans actions because none are perfect. One that claims he or she is, I consider a liar or a God. What's your choice. GOD will bless their souls and protect them all.


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