A mind of it's own

My body is weird. It does what it does when it wants to do it. Its only day 4 of my diet and exercise and I've lost 5lbs. This may seem a bit absurd to most, I've been reading up on how to properly diet and I've been doing so...... but as I explained before, my body is not in sync with my mental, its very rebellious! As much as Ive tried not to lose weight so quickly, I still do. To be at a healthy weight lost its said to lose 3lbs in two weeks. Unbelievable! And here I am not even a week and I'm already 5lbs under Whoa!

I even rested a day from my daily workout just because I was sore, and still my body chooses to do its own thing. Well, I can say that I have not been eating as heavy as before. Also, I've abstained from drinking alcohol. They never indicate how much calories an alcoholic beverage may obtain, but believe me alcohol and liquor contains a whole lot of unnecessary calories. (TRUTH)

When I diet I like to meditate and write a lot. It keeps me focused on the goal and not the journey. I'm also getting back in the habit of reading a lot! No, not your stupid Facebook statuses, but books and more interesting things about life and health. I've assimilated good information throughout long hours of study doing so.......

My journey is on a very positive path, I'm feeling great, I feel free.

Funny how as I diet I cook my husband all these fattening  foods. Not too long ago I made lasagna for him , because of course I can no longer treat myself to that kind of food. I tell you his rapacious appetite ate all the lasagna that I made. He is so lucky, he eats what he wants when he wants to and his body remains the same. No weight gain or weight loss........

But I refuse to feel bitter about anything in life. If you can breath, see, walk and talk, you are more than blessed. And believe me, that's how I feel, BLESSED.


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