My girls

I don't even know where to start.....
All I can say is I'm a big happy mess right now! Why? I found half of my High School friends on Facebook!!!
Yesterday my home girl Beatrice sent me a friend request, when I saw the friend request I almost fell off my chair. I was so excited, I never thought I would see that day where I can be back in contact with all my bad asses. Let me tell you, we were BAD, in HS we ruled that school and everyone respected each and everyone of us! I'm happy to say that none of us are who we were. We have grown so much and are doing great in life. I'm so proud of my babies. I love them with all my heart. Lord I wanna thank you for placing them back into my life........

I wish people could use Facebook more to their advantage as oppose to wanting to be nosy and starting unnecessary drama. I mean really how old are we again? I have not had much drama on FB only one with some simple bitches..... oops god forgive me, I'm better than this but I like the word bitch, so can I please keep it in my vocabulary? (he replies yes) Thank you. So, what I am saying is, instead of focusing on drama and negativity, why not use it for what its really there for? To connect with family and true friends. To continue to share great memories with the ones you truly love.....

Today alone I got in contact with 4 of my HS BFFs.  Beatrice and I were on the phone for about 4hrs just simply catching up on times that we did not spend in each other's presence. I'm proud of you B. You are doing a great job as a mother, I salute you and all the great mothers out there. Connie and I have never lost contact. Connie and Jonathan had remained in my life after H.S and now we are connecting the puzzle back again. I'm too excited that the words that are on my mind are quickly slipping away and maybe the things that I'm writing right now wont make a whole lot of sense.

After I got in contact with Beatrice, B was still connected with my other boos Jesykah and Charisse. I was very alarmed when I saw they were all still in contact. God amazes me everyday. Just when I thought I could not be any happier in my life, he proved me wrong. My girls are back!!!!! I smell a reunion pretty soon.....

We do have a few girls missing from our crew, Satara, Courtney, Chi-chi and Annie. Where o where are they? I miss them too you know. But Ive learned to work in God's time. He and only he can make all things possible and when he feels its time for us all to meet, he will make it happen :)

I'm awaiting Jesyakah's Phone call tonight- we spoke briefly but she promised to call me soon as she makes it home. Cant wait to catch up with my Jessy as well. As for my bad ass Charisse, we mainly did Facebook chat, also feeling surprised about what was taking place.

I love you all. You girls have been true girls, true friends. We all never had any problems with each other nor did we ever ever hate on one another, nor gossip towards each other. None of that mess....We were just meant to be real friends. WOW. I'm still in shock.

May the lord bless each and everyone of your paths and may the road you plan on taking, may he protect it from harms way. May you all stay so beautiful and blessed

By the way we all look the same since HS. Exactly the same. Y'all look Great!


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