I do not go a day without having my nails done, I adore the color of the rainbow and so my nails are always very colorful! Please note that this entry is not to suggest myself as becoming any one's personal nail designer. More so, I want you all to take in some of my creative ideas and become creative at the comfort of your own home :)

As I said before I am learning how to do it all myself, I mean, why the heck not? right?
I personally got sick and tired of going to the nail salon. The wait, the smell, and mostly the fact that they use the same manicure supplies for every customer. Just the thought of not knowing whether these tools are unsanitized was what really got me into getting it done all on my own! Try it! You can do it too!

This one here is my simplest design so far. Can't wait to  show you all more of my creative designs. Quick tip: Before getting started make sure to shape your nails as desired. I prefer them to be average sized, not long nor short (just right).

Also make sure to choose from great brands. Always keep in mind that "you get what you pay for". If the brand is cheap, most likely your pretty nails wont last as long as you would have expected them to. I honestly believe that I get all my inspiration from my mother. She has been doing everything on her own since age 12. That amazes me because I think back on when I was twelve  years old and all I was focused on then was really making time for my friends and enjoying my childhood or getting beat up by my older sisters ;) My life at that age was of the average 12 year old (I think). So, once again I thank my mother for being such a beautiful and positive role model, always encouraging us to do things on our own- to never depend. I must say, that is one of her greatest lessons to us and it has really paid way.OK now, go on and try this very simple nail design :) Also make sure to keep a steady hand  Good Luck!


  1. I love those designs loka. gotta get my nail game up again.

  2. Thank you. I think this is Liz, not sure. you guys just love to be posting "anonymous'- So dont be mad at me cause Im a bit confussed. You can get it done too.....its not hard, plus its really fun :)


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