A time for giving (Thanksgiving)

Yesterday was a good day. No! it was a very wonderful day, full of love and peace.

It was 7:00 am when my husband and I headed out to our church to feed the homeless, and those in need. It was one of the best thing I have ever done. Present were those disabled, senior citizens, children, pregnant women, even teenagers who were in need. Its one thing to do donations via telephone or contribute over the net, but its one great feeling when you get to see those same people face to face. Its a face you can identify with, one that would have you thinking "this could have easily been me". But God has me on another mission. He wants me to remain obedient, to follow as I am told.

I didn't not wake up with excuses of why I could not come out and help. On the very contrary, I was pumped yesterday morning. Not Only did the lord grant me another day, but he has proven to me that my mission here on earth has yet to be completed :) For that and more I am grateful. It was hours of organizing clothes but no one complained, nor did anyone looked drained in doing the job. Instead we (women) shared stories and moments of laughter as we were preparing to paint a big smile on someones face with our efforts.

The men of our church (including my husband) were available to unload big trucks of food in which for every family a turkey was provided for their Thanksgiving dinner. It was so beautiful to see everyone united. I believe most of us misinterpret holidays. Thanksgiving & Christmas is all about giving back- So many of us are always focused in receiving and so we never have time to give. That's a very selfish act. I took a few pictures of the people that were present and of the wonderful work we had all done, but I wont be sharing that with you all in this blog entry. Instead I will keep them as good memories for years to come.

After 10hrs of serving the people I knew that my job was done. For God had long before wrote that this day I would be available to serve those that needed a hand. And as I sit and write this blog entry I ask myself, what would you make yourself available for today? Its great to always plot daily missions. How wonderful is it to go by daily and say I have accomplished yet another wonderful thing today! Learn  to serve God daily and you will see how he will place in your hearts a great deal of happiness :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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