DIY (My texturized hair)

I did it! I must admit I was very nervous because I had never applied any kind of relaxer, perm or texturizer on anyone including myself. The results? Better than what I expected.

Again, I wanna thank my mother for always being an inspiration and a woman that has done it all on her own all her life. If it wasn't for her I honestly don't think I would have went as far as doing it all on my own. Now that I know I can do it, I will officially be my own beautician. I no longer need to head to a salon or allow anyone else but myself to manage my hair. I have learned so much in such short time.

No, I am not claiming to be an expert- I have a long way before I can apply that title onto myself. I do, however, pay close attention to the needs of my hair. I am learning my hair like never before and it feels good to know that I am the one in control now. Don't need any kind of influences on what I need to do with my hair. Which is what they do at salons. It was always "mami, you need a trim". I may need a trim but I wont go for it until I see that my hair is being affected by my dead ends. Meaning that if I do not experience breakage or excessive shedding there is no need for me to run and look for a scissor to trim or cut. My goal in this hair journey is to retain length. While I never ever had a problem with hair growth I did notice a pattern in my hair. At a certain length people would always suggest for me to trim, so that my hair can look and feel, and even be "healthy". I'm not going to head that route anymore. I will not have my hair on a "trim schedule" like most of us. If my hair needs it really bad, I will go for it, otherwise, I will proceed to do what it is that I have been doing to produce great results :)

Hope you all enjoy the video:

My family and friends thank you all for the continuous love and support!!


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