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I have been in a mind frame where I want to "do it all myself". No need to have people care for me because I honestly believe that no one can take care of you better than yourself. My mother has been the one to care for my hair ever since I was a child, and in her care my hair has never fallen out, EVER! As I got into doing live shows I would  play a bit with my image and my hair played major role in this change. I would dye my hair, flat iron it, rock long weaves, sometimes even wigs! Of course all of this took a toll on the condition of my hair. It became very thin, hardly any volume left, and super dry and at one point fell out :(

I recently decided that I would manage my hair and take care of it so that I can achieve my desired length. It will not be a hard task because all one has to do is care for it daily. I have always had a major problem with dry scalp. So very much so that even after a washing set I would still have dandruff hanging on to dear life on my scalp and hair. I was usually disgusted because the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone with a head load of dandruff is that we assume that they have a while without washing their hair. I can tell you from my experience that this is not necessarily true- although in some cases it may be.

I have finally found a solution to this problem :). RAW EGGS! Yes! raw eggs. It's very simple. If you suffer from dry scalp I would highly recommend for you to try this. It's very simple. All you have to do is beat the egg as if you were making scrambled eggs. Once it's ready you simply apply it to your whole head making sure that it reaches the scalp not just your hair strands. After applying it, you will need a shower cap (which is what I used) or a regular shopping bag to allow it to penetrate in your hair! Let it sit for a good 30 minutes then simply rinse out and shampoo and condition right after. Please note that when you manage your hair hot water is not good- always rinse in lukewarm water especially in this case. You do not want to cook the egg that is all over your hair because then it will be a bit more difficult to rinse off.

Also note that before I applied the raw eggs on my hair I used an Organic olive & clove oil product to help with this process. Once I was done with everything, washing, roller sets, drying, I could not believe that my hair had so much volume and shine, and this was only day 1. I also noticed how there was not one single dandruff floating on my head or hair. I honestly could not believe that all these years I have tried so many products to help me with my scalp condition and all this time the answer to my question was in the fridge all along! I also decided to make sure my hair is treated twice a week to keep up with treatment! My days are Tuesdays & Saturdays. So far my hair is past shoulder length, soon I will show you all a pic of my hair progress. My goal is to have my hair half way down my back! I know I can do it :)

Make sure to protect your ends! A major reason why a lot of us have problems with hair growth is because we don't protect our ends. And so, it breaks and damages the condition of the hair preventing you to reach a longer length. Some people believe that just wrapping your hair is enough. Personally that does not work for me. What does work is keeping it in a bun. Braiding my hair into two and twisting it into a bun and then wrapping it for protection as I sleep. I also make sure that if I am not stepping out, then there is really no reason in having my hair out, for this will only have your hair unprotected and exposed to breakage. My journey has only begun........

I will keep you all posted on my progress :)



  2. I'm Glad you found this information useful. I recommend that you try it and give us all your testimony on how it has worked for you :)

    Good Luck!


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