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I just want to share some quick reviews of some products I am currently using in my hair regimen.
Today, I finally tried the olive oil and honey mask :) Results? Awesome! Soon as I made it in the shower to rinse [it] out I felt the thickness in my hair. I was also happy to see that it created a slip, so I knew that I would not be shedding as much. Today was my co-wash day. I have decided to co-wash every week and clarify once a month. For my co-washes I am currently using V05 moisture milks passion fruit scented. I am absolutely loving this product. It's a very cheap brand so it goes easy on the pockets. At only 86 cents in Walmart, this product has done pretty good by my hair with my co-washing. I detangled in the shower with this conditioner and I was amazed at how I did not experience breakage :) Mainly this was one of my major setbacks. Every time I would experience breakage it would thin out my hair and there I was at the salon getting a major trim.

Following my co-wash I proceeded to apply my DC. I personally can not live without the "Root stimulator hair mayonnaise". It has done wonders to my hair in just a short a mount of time. Being that I am stretching out my texturizers it allows my roots to be smooth, causing the waves of my natural hair to not be as tight. It also helps me manage when I detangle causing little to not breakage. I am really in love with my hair mayonnaise, cant live without it.

Another product that I keep handy is my leave in conditioner. Note: I do not apply my leave in conditioner in the shower. I let my hair air dry for a bit then I move forward in apply my leave in. I am using the "Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner". This "leave in" has left my hair soft and tangle free. By the way the scent is awesome. I'm sure my hubby will love the scent because that is something he always looks forward to when I get my hair done. Yes! The scent ;) Moreover, As I am air drying my ends and roots do not feel rough, or hard or for that matter "kinky", which will make it more manageable once my hair is completely dry.  Right after my hair is completely dry I will begin my protective style until my next wash. Protective styles helps a lot with breakage and split ends. We want to stay out of our hair as much as possible. Which is why I will braid my entire head into loose braids until my next co-wash. Braids allows your damaged strands to be sealed preventing split ends. Keep in mind that although my hair will be braided for another week, I will daily moisturize and seal my ends! You have got to always be on top of keeping your hair moisturized! DAILY!

Hope this information was useful. I also want to let you all know that these are actual products that I have used and I am sharing reviews on what it has done for MY hair. I was not paid to advertise any of these products, this is solely my very own take on each of these products. Please keep in mind that what may work for someone does not particularly mean that it will work for you. If you have tried these products but it did not hand you the results you expected, keep searching. It's all about trial and error. Do not get frustrated, be patient always- love your hair and every inch of yourself. Stay focused and positive. My favorite saying is "focus on the goal, and not the journey". Anyone can grow long, healthy, and beautiful hair! But you must learn your hair and listen to it when  it is in need of care! Good Luck to all and Happy Hair Journey :)


  1. ok so what made you seek out or try these particular products...KONNER

  2. Hey Konner :)

    I started researching on the net and those were the products that everyone was going crazy over-and their results were marvelous so I decided to give it a shot. Without a surprise it's working out for me as well!!!


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