EDNA (My drawing)

Say hello to "EDNA"- She is fabulous honey! I drew her a few minutes ago, was thinking much of pearls so I was inspired to draw EDNA. I enjoy drawing. Especially on my spare time or if the feeling of boredom takes over me. I like to always feel like I am being productive in life.

Sometimes I question my talents, where did they come from? I try to dig into my family history, and while they all seem to have their own unique talents, I still wonder. But then the Lord lets me know not to take any of my God given talents for granted, since they are only being borrowed from my good God from up above. I wanna thank God for blessing me in such way- for allowing me to live life in peace and Joy. May I continue to develop myself and always keep that inspiration trapped in my heart and soul forever and even after the end of time.


  1. TALENT.... we get them from our ancestors i believe.examples,look at ur mom she has the craziest remedies to fix hair and for certain illness and doesnt have a mastors.look at mom, dropped out bf junior high and is the queen of home remedies.maybe if they would of finished they would of discovered the cure to something.look at mama, bones be killing her, she grabes herbs and shes fine.but yet the old folks from nyc r fast to run to a doctor.its just something that we carry in our blood and got blessed with.we are all strong and do what we gotta do for our family

  2. Let me correct you! Mami did finish school!! :)She got her masters and everything, remember Wilfred on 42nd street? My mom was very ahead of the hair industry by then.

    But I must agree, even the ones that did not make it far in School are still doing so much for themselves and have come very far! So my family inspires me so much!!!

  3. yeah girl you know what i mean.imagine our family having the resources and money to go to school like those who take it for granted, we would of found the cure to something.one of the things that eri tells me is that hes glad that i havent given up on my school bc of the girls.we are smart and nothing can stop us

  4. Thats why Im so inspired because I have observed the ones who did not even go to school and still manage to be doing big things for themselves! You guys amaze me everyday. It shows me that there really is no limit......Anyone can do anything as long as they keep pushing

  5. you already know, a family mainly of females and we have all come far


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