Get to know Artist: Y.A

"Get to know" artist Y.A. From the minute I met this young and talented artist, I knew he had much to offer. The first time I saw him perform I was in awe. Young and full of energy, he will have you at the edge of your seat with his animated stage presence! Lyrically, he can positively be in the range of any signed act. He is what I would define as a RAW talent.

How Long have you been doing music?
Y.A: Ive been doing music for tweleve years, sine I was eight years old.

What inspired you to pursue a music career?
Y.A: Three people, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and DMX. I found out I had talent for music after listening to them.

How did these artists spark up your talent in which you felt confident knowing that you possessed such musical talents?
Y.A: I remember every word they said, they spoke with passion about their lives. At that paticular time I was going through [some] things. Inspite of my age, I was a very mature child that had problems of my own and their music seemed to cure my problems. It was then that I started to write my problems down and it would sound just as good. The music and melody was just a plus added to my talent.

Since you are into songwriting, do you also write for other artists besides yourself?
Y.A: Yes I do. I write for some of my artists, and I also write for females as well. Music speaks to everyone, so I write for everyone.

What sets you aside from other Hip-Hop artists that are also trying to make a name for themselves in the music business?
Y:A: I'm me and my music is my music. I have no passion in fame or money, I just want people to enjoy my music and feel what my life inspires me to write and produce.

Very well said Y.A, Sometimes as artists we forget that doing what you love should not be fueled by fame or fortune. Instead we should focus on the love that we have for our craft and have fun with it in every step of the way. Now, since you stated you embarked on this journey at the age of eight years old, I am curious to know at what age you step out and actually showcased your talents in front of a live audience?
Y.A: I was nine at a school talent show. Cliche, but through it I form a group. We did the damn thing but we came in second place.

What message would you spread if you were to become one of tomorrow's most influential voices?
Y.A:  Be Your self! That's what makes you a "star" because there is no one like you.

If you were to collaborate with any artists out  now, who would it be? And why?
Y.A:  Soulja Boy because I need to show him how its done without dancing or repeating yourself on hooks (laughing).

Define "sky is the limit" in your own words.
Y.A:  Losing is not an option.

Be on the look out for Y.A's mixtape "Speak Yo Mind". Out June 1, 2011!
Also, be sure to check him out at:


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