-Positive Mode-

I personally do not believe in developing a "New year's resolution". That's Blah to me, very over-rated for no apparent reason. I live my life as I see it go by. I approach every stepping stone one step at a time. Now that I really look back, I have never developed a resolution for the new year. I just let things be as God intended for me even before my existence.

I am in no shape or form downgrading anyone who chooses to plot every step, every choice in their life. Sometimes it just might work that way for some. On the other hand, in my case I enjoy the mysteries of life. The "not knowing" whats to come excites me! I am in the mood of "whatever happiness, happens dammit". But I do assure you one thing, I am developing myself to be a much more positive individual. So many times we fall victim to participating in DRAMA and GOSSIP. In  that sense, I have decided not to take any part in things containing gossip or dealing with overly dramatic personalities. Cant do it, will not do it! If  drama best describes you, why not try and change for the better? I mean, some of us are very strong about the world ending in 2012, so you have 1 year to live life to the fullest!
Really, think about it! Is it worth it? Positive thoughts and words makes us feel good while the negative can only weigh us down. Good Luck to you all in this new year! Stay in  that "Positive Mode" no matter who says otherwise. Remember, the enemy will do overtime to try and bring us down. Don't fall into the games and the lies that the enemy portrays.



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