Black history LIFE (2011)

Most of us may consider it a black history month but I rather refer it as Black history life. United as a people, see how long of a way you all have traveled? What more can a race do to prove their strength? Strong you are as well as BOLD. Inspired by your strength I am......

Let there be more like a Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. There is nothing in this world than sticking to your beliefs- Even when the world thought it could not be possible to be set free. I am in awe by the boldness of such race, by the passion coming from their blood and veins! Even when the lives were at stake....united as one became the race! No shame or guilt by the blessings of the Lord that created such beautiful brown skin, showing the world how thick of a skin you carry! PROUD you are and still remain, even after all the struggles and so much pain. Having that inner Kunta Kinte soul (ancestor) that you all possess.......was what set you free in the end. No matter the race or the place that you come from you should always say "I love me". Even if the world is against you, await NO ONE'S approval. Black history has become legend solely on Strength and executing it with power- and now we are all free! Yes we are ALL free because of thee. keep learning and growing, cause although the road seemed long- more dreams awaits us all in years to come.

Stay Proud, Strong, & Beautiful! Happy Black History LIFE


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