Giving it up!!!

This will not be my last blog entry, but I want to thank everyone that ever took their time to support my blog, my music, and me as an individual. My heart feels warm! I have come across so many beautiful people whom have shown me mad love and respect!

 The net was good while it lasted but I can honestly say that I am ready to give it a rest! Life is NOT inside of a computer, yet everyone seems to be so busy living in  "cyber world". I started to see how much of my precious time it has consumed. Whats obvious to me is that most people are not in your "cyber life" to be real friends, more so they are in it to view your life and cast some kind of judgment on it because now a days people have the tendency to exploit their personal life all over the net!

I'm happy that I have never really been victim of this. Only a few drama here and there but nothing private or personal that would bite me in the ass later on. I like my life to remain a mystery and so it will be!! Time waits for no one and I am not exception to this fact. I have a journey that I feel I must fulfill in this lifetime and while the net has helped me in many ways, I can also say it wasted so much of my time, time that I will never get back. So I'm giving it up! Life has so many wonderful things to offer me outside of this box! I DO have a life and it means much more for me to spend quality time and create great memories with my husband than to entertain a bunch of people who care not about who I am, they only play a game of pretend. My heart never lies, so many people try so hard to get close to me just to see what hides underneath my tough skin......That, no one will ever know, only the good lord, my husband, mother and self. It feels good to be doing this!

Now, I must go on, I have a great album in the making! I have the urge to release all my creative juices all in one debut album. I feel good, and confident like never before. Lord, I leave my life in your hands. Whatever the outcome, I accept without any questions! You are the most high and only you can reveal to me one day why a lot of things that has happened in this life time went down the way it did! Forever I will trust YOU and only YOU!

Vannie C


  1. wow that is so true alma.only god knows what he has in store which is nothing but great things,much lovessss

  2. Baby girl, nothing is a waste of time only time to learn from and so u did! Learn that there are better things than being on the net...thanks for entertaining us though. Can't wait for the album Almita!
    Love ya,
    Shirlota =)


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