Pushing for more!

I have decided to expand my talents and reach out for a few plan B's! Everyone knows how into my music I am, but we all must keep in mind that if something may not work out the way you plan it to, you must have a plan B to fall back on.

I am not saying that I will give up on music- Music and I are like a marriage, "till death do us part". But I have noticed that the possibilities are endless and so I must push and explore other fields. I am happy to say that I have enrolled back into school. I am so proud of myself for taking that first step..............

School has played such a major part in my life! I have always wanted to  go back to school so that I can lead by example when I have my children. Also, to provide them with a good life. So happy to say that I have not depended on the "welfare system" or government to care for our household! Nothing like feeling and being independent. And please do not get me wrong, I do not knock anyone that reaches out for governmental assistant but I am blessed to say that my husband and I have maintained good jobs that does no require us to.

Knowing me, I am NEVER satisfied....Although we are doing great that should not stop me for pushing for more and reaching higher heights! I'm feeling anxious about going back to school- I'm sure I will do good since I have always maintained straight A's in school..........

My debut album may or may not be delayed due to this fact, but that will be determined once I start school. Its only then that I will be able to tell whether I am doing too much at a time. Will keep you all posted- like always.

Some Say "sky is the limit" I rather say "there is NO limit", you can always push for more and become better each and every time. Just know that all good things come from hard working labor! Good luck to all- God Bless

Vannie C


  1. I'm so very proud of you for chosing to strive for a better life!!! I'm. Sure you're gonna excellent in school!!! Lol how expensive it is your gonna get that education girl!! I thank the lord for blessing me with strong smart and beautiful wife plus ur cooler than a polar bears toe nails. Think we got keep striving and pouring out gods blessings.;-) studio tonight we gonna make a banga cus its still ava for life! . Hubby aka Mr. Smash-Banga

  2. Thank you baby for always supporting me! Feeling so very blessed :)


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