Transitioning back to natural!

I'm am going to show you all how much of a random individual I am......

Just two days ago I was chatting with my husband telling him that I will "NEVER" go back to being natural since all I know is how to manage relaxed hair. I have been relaxed since age 8. I've, thank goodness, never had a history of hair loss or extreme damage to my hair because my mother (as I have mentioned many times before) is a certified professional beautician. She always knew how to care for my relaxed hair and always helped me retain length- so, Ive always had long hair.

Today, yes today, I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind was "I'm going natural". Told you guys I'm super random. Since my hair was (sad face) BSL I decided not to BC. Really did not feel like cutting all my long hair. My goal for May 2011 was to make Bsl and I did, a little before May. Since I decided not to BC I grabbed the Scissors and quickly starting chopping off a few minutes ago. I did not cut off too much because I would've probably cried. So far I feel super great and my hair feels 100% more thicker and with more volume. I have so much new growth from the hairfinity supplements that once I did that major trim my hair did not shed one strand. See the difference that healthy and well managed hair can make?

I am so excited about this new hair journey! Really am. The reason why I decided to transition to natural was for overall health. I no longer use heat in my hair. I have well over a month now without applying any sort of heat onto my hair and believe me it has made a great difference in my hair.

Now I must do so much research on how to properly transition..........once I get things down to a "T", I will definitely show you all what I have been doing via my YouTube channel. I'm still a bit nervous but everyday that goes by I am able to prove to myself how strong I am and how I am able to do whatever I set my mind on doing. I no longer want the creamy crack -Good bye relaxers :)

Wish me luck.
Will keep you all updated :)


  1. Good luck! I hope this transitioning works out for the best.I'm natual,and it's taking forever for my hair to grow.You mention in your post about a vitamin"hairfinity" is that helping you maintain your healty hair or just taking it for over all health?

  2. Thank you so much Sweetie! hairfinity has helped speed up my growth. I have so much new growth I dont even know what to do with my hair. Its growing double the rate that it used to. Visit their fan page on FB and also their website you wont regret it! Plus my new growth is growing in thicker and much stronger. Im only on my second bottle now and the transformation is AMAZING!


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